9 Extra Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About 🔴 Tips & Tricks!

Got Mercedes? Must watch lesson for Mercedes-Benz owners, demo 9 extra hidden features available in most Mercedes models over the past 10 – 20 years, full tutorial and explanation. This video is better than reading Mercedes owner manuals! Definitely you’ll have a lot more fun, and it’s the 3rd video in this series!


Some features in the Mercedes-Benz vehicles are really useful, but not a lot of people know about them. Watch this video and start using all those features immediately! Let me know if you had fun watching, and don’t forget to watch previous 2 lessons – links are below!

This demonstration tutorial is based on many different Mercedes-Benz models, but you have to check with your own car, to make sure if one of those functions are available in your particular car. Some features are optional so you have to test it out yourself and see if your particular car has them.

How many features out of 9 did you already know about? What features should I demo in my upcoming videos? Please let me know, after you finish watching, in Comments section below. Any other comments are welcome.

Mercedes-Benz Features:

  • 01:15 Feature #9 – Mercedes Double Tap Shortcut;
  • 02:39 Feature #8 – Mercedes Wiper Sensitivity;
  • 04:35 Feature #7 – Mercedes Side Mirror Dual Memory;
  • 08:17 Feature #6 – Mercedes System Erase;
  • 09:26 Feature #5 – Mercedes Auto Lock Override;
  • 10:35 Feature #4 – Mercedes ECO Display;
  • 14:02 Feature #3 – Mercedes Trunk Limiter;
  • 16:21 Feature #2 – Mercedes Rescue Assist Card;
  • 18:38 Feature #1 – Using a Phone Number Inside the Text.

If Feature#7 doesn’t work, try this and see if it works without “M” button:

  1. Turn the SmartKey to the ignition position;
  2. Select button for passenger mirror and press on it;
  3. Engage reverse gear – “R”;
  4. The exterior mirror on the front-passenger side moves (or may not) to the preset parking position;
  5. Use all 4 arrow mirror adjustment buttons – to adjust the exterior mirror to a position that allows you to see the rear wheel and the curb;
  6. The parking position is stored;
  7. If you shift the transmission to another position from “R”, the exterior mirror on the front passenger side returns to the driving position.

Remember that for this to work, the passenger mirror has to be selected when you engage reverse “R”.


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13 Replies to “9 Extra Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About 🔴 Tips & Tricks!”

  1. Mercedes often come with a wide variety of features to enhance your driving experience. Thanks for this awesome video!

  2. Hi , I just bought a 2010 Mercedes E250 CDI Blueefficiency Avantgarde , and tried to listen to music via Bluetooth link with my phone , but I couldn’t figure this one out , as it appears that this option this Mercedes doesn’t have ! Or I am doing it wrong , any advice ? And what sort of hidden features available for this model ? Plz

    1. Yes, you should be able. Besides pairing your phone, you also need to pair your BT Audio. Go to Audio -> Activate BT Audio. Also make sure BT Audio is active in settings.

      1. Hi , 

        I’ve tried to see the BT AUDIO but It seems that I don’t have it under Audio options ! 

        Is there any other place I should look for ?

        Even in my Galaxy Note9 BT Settings under the Merc connection it doesn’t have Audio option , and I tried that too with an IPhone 11 . Same

        1. Try to press RED phone hangup button + “1” button + “#” button – press all 3 buttons at the same time and hold for a few seconds. Then scroll to “HU Parameter”, then turn on “BT Audio” and also Bluetooth on. See if it helps.

          1. Done that , now on my HU Parameter, BT Audio is on , and the Bluetooth is on , but it still doesn’t show on my phone as connected to MB Audio, just calls and contacts. And on the Audio option still have the same options , Radio, Disc, Memory Card, Music Register, Media Interface and Aux , no sign to Bluetooth Audio

          2. It worked , I’ve tried that again snd turned it Off then back On , and I got the Bluetooth Audio option … what a great help you gave me , thank you so much

  3. Over the last 30 years I have owned Mercedes Benz and BMW’s both are excellent driving cars.
    However currently I have a GLA which is the smallest of the SUV
    I have had five series BMW and larger Mercedes I have found this car to be one of the best cars and the most comfortable car to drive I would highly recommend anyone looking into the difference between Mercedes and BMW to seriously consider the GLA not only for interior comfort but for service and for reliability.

    1. A lot of my video tutorials fits perfectly for GLA models, and I’m planning to review one. I’m glad you’re happy with your car!

  4. Hi, I am about to order a B class and due to the layout of my garage which has a central pier in the brickwork I have always got out before the pier (so I can open the door) then close the door and just push the car in before locking and closing the garage door.All previous cars have been manual so the car just stands there locked and in neutral and I just unlock and pull it back when I get it out again.
    As the B class is auto am I correct if I follow the same procedure that the parking brake will asengage when I lock it? If so I won’t be able to open the door when I go back in to release the brake as I need to pull it back past the pier.If I am correct is there a way of locking the car in neutral?
    Thanks Barry.

    1. If you leave your car in Neutral and your car is equipped with Keyless Go, so you still have keys from the car – I think it should work. I’ve never tried it, so I’m not 100% sure. The best way is to test it at the dealership, before you make an order – just to make sure it’ll work for you.

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