Mercedes Hidden Navigation – what3words | FREE to Use!

There is something in your car that you are not using! Maybe because you don’t even know about it. The system is called what3words. It’s free, and I’m gonna demo it on this Mercedes, but it’s also available on many cars now. And even if your vehicle doesn’t have it, you can install it on your smartphone!

  • 00:00 Mercedes Hidden Navigation what3words;
  • 00:33 what3words Explained;
  • 02:34 FlexiSpot Amazing Desk Advertisement;
  • 03:40 what3words App Settings on your Smartphone;
  • 05:23 Using what3words In your Car Tutorial;
  • 06:44 Using what3words On Your Smartphone Tutorial;
  • 07:55 Alternative Way To Search For what3words address without Smartphone;
  • 08:42 what3words Drawbacks;
  • 09:29 Question Of TODAY!

2 Replies to “Mercedes Hidden Navigation – what3words | FREE to Use!”

  1. my 2013 E 350 radio is on,Iphone is pair to car but it has no sound.there is no sound coming on Radio or when phone ring.could this be a bad fuse.

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