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  1. I’ve looked everywhere for “auto lock” and I don’t think my 2014 SLK 350 has that feature. Another problem I’m having is called solvent popping. There are spots all over the car especially on hood and trunk lid. The problem seems to only be with cars painted Mars Red. I missed the warranty coverage by 4 months and MB won’t do a thing about it. They know there was a problem with this run of red cars which can be found on the web. Not just SLK but any model that was painted Mars Red that day or days. Their official body shop estimated a complete re-paint ~$7600. They won’t let me pay for part of it. No deal. I’m not real pleased with MB.

    1. When you say “auto-lock”, do you mean the feature where the doors lock, as soon as you start driving? So you are driving with the locked doors?

  2. No. When I say auto lock I get out of the car and walk away and in a matter of seconds the car locks itself. I have a 2016 Caddy that does just that and I love it. Thanks and did you ever hear of my paint problem before?

    1. Mercedes got rid off this feature a long time ago, I guess they had a lot of problems with keys being self-locked inside the car. The only programmable Auto-Lock feature that you have is to self-lock when the speed of your car is over 10 mph. This way your car will stay locked, while you stop and go, and nobody can get inside your car. However your car WILL self-lock if: you unlock your doors… but don’t open them. The car will think that you pressed the button by mistake.. and then self-lock after about 90 sec.
      If you want to add automatic self-locking feature, you can add some kind of aftermarket key-less entry add-on system, which is very inexpensive. But then you have to be careful to not lock your keys inside by accident or during towing.

  3. Hi! can you watch a movie and get sounds using the car speaker instead of thru headphones only on the GLE400? Thanks!

    1. Are you asking about the rear seat entertainment system? You need to use the headphones, because the driver wants to listen to radio at the same time. This way you don’t bother each other.

      1. I did a google search and found your videos on YouTube. After watching one, I went to your website. When I click on videos, they will not load. It keeps saying loading but never loads. All it does is continue to say Loading… That’s it and will never load.

        I purchased a 2014 GL450 a week ago and love it. The manual did not come with it, so your videos really help. I am having trouble with setting up the phone, navigation, speaker, etc. Are those features on the steering wheel or only on the menu controls under the screen? I’m so lost. I don’t even know how to work the radio. I have ordered a used manual from eBay that should arrive this week. However. I probably will receive more help from your videos. I also thought I had automatic locking but see what you told the person above about Mercedes discontinuing that feature.

        How do you use the key in the door or can you actually put the key in the door to lock and unlock?

        I only have one key fob. Do I need two? Do two come with the vehicle? How much does it cost to have another key fob made?

        How do you change the time?
        How do you reset the number of trip miles back to zero?
        Can I use AirPods in the car? Will the speaker go through the AirPods?
        Can I turn speaker off right away when someone calls in case I don’t want someone who is riding with me hear the conversation?
        It would be helpful if you had a search button on your website.
        Thank you for your help and for your videos.

        1. Mary, it seems like you’re in the right place. I just checked my website and every video loads fine. If you have any problems with my website, you can go directly to my YouTube channel by clicking this link: MBZ Master YouTube Channel. Watch some more of my video tutorials and you can ask all the questions under the video – in comments section. I usually answer.

  4. Hi, I’ve a 2016 Mercedes C Class W205. My IPhone is sync’ to car but am finding it difficult to receive Text messages. I’ve followed your Tutorial on this but my Message Icon is not highlighted. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. On all of your Tips I’ve only known One and that was Single Door Opening. Great site. My Grandson is a Mercedes After Sales Apprentice and I’ve forwarded your Website address to him which I know he will follow.

    1. If you have iPhone, go to your Bluetooth settings and find your car – usually says “MB Phone”, or something similar. Then touch little “i” on the right. Then on the new open screen switch “Show Notifications” on. Then you should be able to receive text messages.

      1. First, you and your videos are awesome and very helpful. I’ve learned so much from you about my 2014 ML350. One question I have is can I insert a push start button in my turn key button, to convert to push start? I ask because in one of your videos you removed the push start button and inserted the key and turned the car on.

        1. Your ML must be equipped with Keyless Go feature. The way to check if you have it – is to look at your exterior door handle, If your exterior door handle has a button to lock/unlock – then you can add the missing push button.

    2. I’m also having trouble connecting my iPhone to the system. The words “MB phone” are not showing up when I try to pair the two.

      1. I am unable to pair my iPhone with Mercedes Benz 450Gl model 450Gl 4Matic 2016. iPhone Bluetooth can’t find anything Mb

  5. Hi, great video’s. I’ve just bought a S350 2012 my first Mercedes. my trunk will open with key fob but does not close unless I close it with my hands any tips you know.

    1. Probably your car doesn’t have an electric trunk option. So it will still pop-open mechanically (not electrically) when you hit trunk unlock, but obviously it will need to be closed manually.

  6. Hello,
    I have 2 questions for my GLE350 2016 where is the Sim card slot in the car for wifi because I move to overseas with my car and I could not use that features and
    How can I update me car to the Middle east navigation system and how much would it cost
    Also what’s the best options? Thanks

    1. There is no WiFi sim card. You can use your cell phone as a WiFi point, or Premium MB Apps that you have to pay for separately. I’m not sure how to update Navi outside the U.S. The best thing is to visit your local MB Dealer service department.

    2. How do I know if my exterior door has a lock/unlock button to punch? It looks like one is there, but it doesn’t do anything when I push it. Would that feature only be there if I didn’t have the push button start but had the key in to start function?

  7. Hello,
    My name is Anghel Neagu, and I am from Romania.
    Congratulations, You have one of the most complete site about the features of the Mercedes Benz cars.
    I am the owner of a mercedez S class, W221, from 2012, and I have some questions about it.
    1. I don’t like the feature of the Eco Mode, to turn off the engine when I stop the car. I found two ways to disable this option: from the menu, turn off the Eco Mode, or from the buton which can allow to chose the type of the gear mode: Sport, Eco or Manual. The last one I don’t like it, because allow me to drive in Sport mode, and the first one is a little bit complicated. And, after I stop the engine, this setting is On, by default. Can you help me to do that permanentely?
    2. A second question it is about the update of the Nav maps. My system is NTG 3.5 type, and I don’t found an update newer than 2015.
    3. And the last it is about the Phone connection like a media device. All I can found about that is whith a lot of equipments, and I am not sure if it works.
    Best regards,

  8. I have a 2016 GLC 300 4matic. I would like to know what is the least expensive and easiest way to get either navigation or apple play on my vehicle. I do not have the sd slot nor do I have apple play. Thank you.

    1. You can use the Navigation on your cell phone and stream voice commands like: “Turn left”, “turn right” etc… over your sound system via Bluetooth connection. I have a video explaining how to connect your cell for audio streaming in my Mercedes Video Manual series Part 4. That’s free, but you will not be able to see the map. You can also buy a dashboard cell phone holder for about $20-$30 bucks, and use your cell as Navigation system while driving. But if you want to use the full blown Navi system inside the car, you’d need to replace your original head unit with some kind of aftermarket system. Now you can easily find system with built-in Apple Car Play or Android Auto.

  9. Hi there,
    I wonder if you can help me please, I have an old GLK 320 CDI 4MATIC manufactured in 2008 and have some problem with command Radio (Multimedia). When the vehicle is cool early morning), the radio works perfect with no problem, but when I start during the day (engine is hot) and ignition in first position radio works but when in turn to position two radio starts clicking…and remain clicking?
    Can you advise please what can be done …?
    Appreciate your kind support and help.
    Nabil Hamadeh

    1. A few things can go wrong. Does it make noise only on the radio? Is there a noise when you play CD?

      1. Hi Sir,
        Thank you for reaking on my mail.
        It is doing just clicking and volume is not working as well, at this time CD is not working at all.
        When the vehicle is cold every thing is working well without problem.
        Best Regards

  10. I would highly recommend to replace your head unit with something new. 2008 is really outdated and I wouldn’t spend any money to fix it. Now you can get a brand new stereo with Apple Car Play or Android Auto, with Navigation and Voice Control fairly inexpensive. From brands like Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood etc..

  11. Hi found you on YouTube and seem to be very knowledgeable about the Mercedes line.
    I have a Mercedes 2017 GLS 450. Is there a way to connect my Android hotspot to the vehicle without an MBrace or Connect Me subscription. I’ve only been able to locate one video on the web that says I can but the direction is not very clear. Your help would be greatly appreciated. thx in advance.

    1. Yes, you can connect your phone via WIFI – to create hotspot for others inside the car. However I don’t see why. All you need to do is create the hot spots using your phone directly. Just make sure it’s secure with a password, then others inside the car can use it.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend to install aftermarket adaptive cruise control on Mercedes. It would be too risky on such complex car, but I may be wrong, so do your reasearch.

  12. I have a 2020 GLC3004W SUV. When I set the “easy exit/enter” for seat, steering & mirrors, the seat does not return back to the end. It stays at the same place where I aligned for my leg length, even though there is more room ( almost 3 inches or more) with out moving back during “easy enter/exit”. When I move the seat manually, it goes all the way to the end including that extra 3 inches.

    When I took the vehicle to a dealer service, they inform that its designed like that. Hard to believe.

    Could you please help me.

    1. Due to some legal litigations, the seat movement feature during the “Easy Exit” was disabled by some manufacturers on some models in some countries. I think some kid got stuck in the rear seat during this movement and ended up in a hospital. Since then, I know some models enabled this feature back, by providing some safety measures, but probably not on your particular model.

  13. Hi, I have 2016 Mercedes GLC 300 4 matic car. Is it remote engine start with mercedes me app..?
    If not any other option to start engine remote start? I live in MB ,Canada.
    I didnt find engine block heater spot. Please guide me.

  14. Do you ever comment on MB vehicles that are a bit older? I have a 2008 E350 4matic that has started to grow on me. However, after owning American muscle for years it’s been a very steep learning curve for me to figure out how everything works on this vehicle.

  15. I have 2016 “E” Class Sedan & Coupe. The ECO mode is quite annoying…How do I disable the default “on” condition permanently? Thanks,

    1. No, you can’t. If it was possible – the MPG ratings of these cars would be much different and not in line with EPA guidelines, forcing MB to make smaller and weaker (but less fuel-thirsty) engines. At first, I wanted also to disengage it permanently… but after using it for the last 3 years, I actually like it, because it saved me thousands of dollars! Plus, the more you use it – the smoother it becomes.

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