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  1. I’ve looked everywhere for “auto lock” and I don’t think my 2014 SLK 350 has that feature. Another problem I’m having is called solvent popping. There are spots all over the car especially on hood and trunk lid. The problem seems to only be with cars painted Mars Red. I missed the warranty coverage by 4 months and MB won’t do a thing about it. They know there was a problem with this run of red cars which can be found on the web. Not just SLK but any model that was painted Mars Red that day or days. Their official body shop estimated a complete re-paint ~$7600. They won’t let me pay for part of it. No deal. I’m not real pleased with MB.

    1. When you say “auto-lock”, do you mean the feature where the doors lock, as soon as you start driving? So you are driving with the locked doors?

  2. No. When I say auto lock I get out of the car and walk away and in a matter of seconds the car locks itself. I have a 2016 Caddy that does just that and I love it. Thanks and did you ever hear of my paint problem before?

    1. Mercedes got rid off this feature a long time ago, I guess they had a lot of problems with keys being self-locked inside the car. The only programmable Auto-Lock feature that you have is to self-lock when the speed of your car is over 10 mph. This way your car will stay locked, while you stop and go, and nobody can get inside your car. However your car WILL self-lock if: you unlock your doors… but don’t open them. The car will think that you pressed the button by mistake.. and then self-lock after about 90 sec.
      If you want to add automatic self-locking feature, you can add some kind of aftermarket key-less entry add-on system, which is very inexpensive. But then you have to be careful to not lock your keys inside by accident or during towing.

    1. Are you asking about the rear seat entertainment system? You need to use the headphones, because the driver wants to listen to radio at the same time. This way you don’t bother each other.

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