8 More Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About -Tips & Tricks!

Got Mercedes? The second video in this series. Must watch video for Mercedes-Benz owners, demo 8 more hidden features available in most Mercedes models over the past 10 – 20 years, full tutorial and explanation. This video is better than reading Mercedes owner manuals!


Some features in the Mercedes-Benz vehicles are really obscure and therefore rarely used. However they are extremely useful in everyday life, because everyone likes to simplify stuff and nobody likes complications.

This demonstration is based on some different models, but you have to check with your own car, to make sure if one of those functions is available in your particular car. Some features are optional so you have to test it out yourself.

How many features out of 8 did you already know about? What features should I demo in my upcoming videos? Please let me know, after you finish watching, in Comments section below.

Mercedes Benz Features:

  • 01:28 Feature #8 – Mercedes Dual Voice Control;
  • 03:00 Feature #7 – Mercedes Sirius Weather;
  • 04:41 Feature #6 – Mercedes Trunk Dead Lock;
  • 07:15 Feature #5 – Mercedes Navigation Dialogue Trick;
  • 10:49 Feature #4 – Mercedes Emergency Unlock and Start;
  • 12:55 Feature #3 – Mercedes Dual and Extendable Sun-Visor;
  • 14:44 Feature #2 – Mercedes Navi Points of Interest (POI);
  • 17:43 Feature #1 – Mercedes Adaptive Voice Control.

Here you can see: the Smart-key battery replacement video;

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Here you can see the 3rd Part of Mercedes Hidden Features Video

14 Replies to “8 More Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About -Tips & Tricks!”

  1. Hey does the 2018 e400 have option to turn on camera while driving like other models.
    The trick by holding the car button down didn’t work

      1. Ok perfect found out how. Do you know if there’s a way to turn car on and be able to leave with key and lock it. Is there some trick we can do so we can start car in winter time . It won’t lock when car engine is running.

        1. On the latest 5 year old most models you can use a remote start via Mercedes Me app on your phone. This way you can start your car from any distance using that app. I’m planning to make a video tutorial, so stay tuned!

          1. Not for me In Canada. They start here at 2019 I think. U should make a video for 2018 e400 tips and tricks!! Be amazing

  2. I have a 2016 SL400. I am very aware of fluid levels but can only find 1 dipstick and it appears to be for transmission fluid. How do I check the engine oil level, the owners manual states their my not be a dipstick for this.

    1. Your car should have dipstick somewhere in-between engine and the firewall closer to a driver side. But I wouldn’t worry. If oil drops below the MIN level, the message will appear on your instrument cluster telling you to add some oil.

  3. I have a 2015 CLS that is a Canadian car. My air temperature is in Celcius. I was told it could not be converted to Fahrenheit. Is there any way to do this?

    1. I don’t think you could do it on your particular model, but if it’s possible it has to be done through settings on the instrument cluster. Or maybe even computer reprogrammed by MB dealership.

      1. Tried both… the dealership said no 🙁 It was hooked up through their computer.
        Thank you for answering!

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