Mercedes Recommended Settings | Video Manual – 1 | Most 2014 – 2019 + + models!

Do you own Mercedes? When you buy a new vehicle, the first task you have to do – is to adjust your Settings. But even if you’ve never done it, don’t worry – it’s never too late! In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it – in details. Depending on your Mercedes model, all the settings can be adjusted just under 15 minutes or so, but once you customize everything to your likings – you’ll never have to change it again in the future. Unless you want to tweak something minor!

Although I demonstrate some different scenarios, you really need to check with your own car if you have the shown features or perhaps you have some more. The goal of this video tutorial is to make sure your car behaves – the way you like! Even though your particular car may have slightly different settings, the purpose of this DIY video is for you to understand how to control it yourself, without going to the dealership every time you need to change something.

If you have any questions, please leave comments below. And the question for today is: Which Mercedes feature, would you like to learn more about? If you don’t want to watch the whole video, you can jump to your selection directly below:

  • 01:06 Mercedes Steering Wheel Controls;
  • 01:19 Mercedes Menu Control;
  • 01:24 Mercedes Sub-Menu Control;
  • 01:31 Mercedes Select Menu;
  • 01:34 Mercedes Exit Menu;
  • 02:06 Mercedes Settings Menu;
  • 02:30 Mercedes Instrument Cluster;
  • 02:41 Mercedes Permanent Display Outside Temperature;
  • 02:58 Mercedes Speedometer Display;
  • 03:11 Mercedes Display Unit: mi and km;
  • 03:48 Mercedes Additional Speedometer;
  • 04:09 Mercedes Lights Settings;
  • 04:21 Mercedes Daytime Running Lights Setting;
  • 04:47 Mercedes Vehicle Settings;
  • 04:56 Mercedes Auto Door Lock Setting;
  • 05:48 Mercedes Acoustic Lock (Beeping Sound);
  • 06:17 Mercedes Convenience Setting;
  • 06:26 Mercedes Easy Entry – Exit Feature;
  • 07:09 Mercedes Belt Adjustment Setting;
  • 07:37 Mercedes Auto Folding Mirror;
  • 08:19 Mercedes Factory Settings Reset;
  • 09:04 Mercedes Settings in Central Multimedia Controller;
  • 09:50 Mercedes Interior Lighting Delay Switch-off;
  • 10:16 Mercedes Exterior Lighting Delay Switch off;
  • 10:42 Mercedes Ambient Light Brightness Dimmer;
  • 11:02 Mercedes Ambient Light Color;
  • 11:18 Mercedes Ionization;
  • 11:31 Mercedes Locator Lighting Setting;
  • 11:50 Mercedes Different Models Settings;
  • 13:11 MBZ Master Recommendations and Advices.

We may used some footage under an “editorial purpose permission” from Daimler Global Media.

18 Replies to “Mercedes Recommended Settings | Video Manual – 1 | Most 2014 – 2019 + + models!”

  1. I have 2 question for a 2014 E350
    1. after about 200 miles I get a alert I need a coffee break I press okay it goes away but comes back later how do I get rid of this?
    2.Also I don’t know if my car has folding mirrors how do I find out Vin# WDDHF5KB4EA901344 IF THAT HELPS.
    I came across your site and find some truly good things I never knew I had. keep up the good work.

    1. 1. Attention Assist is triggered whenever you drive for a while, especially with unchanged speed. For example, when on the Cruise Control or touching side lanes often. Just hit Ok to dismiss and try to vary speeds a little. Some models you can adjust the sensitivity via the instrument cluster.

      2. It doesn’t look like your car is equipped with the folding mirrors. The easiest way to see if you have it, is when you have the 3rd folding mirrors button in between left and right mirror-picker buttons.

      3. But interestingly, your car is equipped with the Hands-Free Access feature. If you waive your foot under the rear bumper, the trunk will open hands free, waive it again – the trunk will close. I don’t know if you knew about it.

      1. thanks for the fast reply. you are right this only happens when I’m traveling on the interstate. I really like your hidden Mercedes features found a lot of things my benz do that I never knew keep up the good work. You got my attention 🙂

          1. As soon as you save a new preset station – it will automatically delete the previous preset. You can see how to preset in this video: Mercedes Owner Manual – Part 3. If you want to delete everything from the car, for example when you buy a car and it has all the info from the previous owner, or if you sell a car and want to delete all your info – then you have to do the total reset. You can see how to do it in Feature# 6 of that video: 9 Extra Hidden Mercedes Features!

          2. I have a question that I can’t find info on.
            I don’t drive my 2014 E350 much so I have 2,840 miles left before I need to have oil change but it’s been over a year since my last oil change. Do I need to change it or I can wait until my 2,840 miles are driven???

          3. Mercedes recommends service once a year OR 10,000 miles – whichever comes first. That ensures a long trouble-free engine life. The oil loses it’s qualities equally either by mileage or by time. So change your oil once a year, regardless of how many miles it was driven.

  2. Hi Master
    Suggest you to upload a video on Tyre Changing, How to identify tyres wether those are run flat tyres or not and general tyre care. Regarding Mercedes Me App.

  3. Hi Master
    Currently I’m using a C200 AMG Premium Plus 2019 vehicle. I’m living in Sri Lanka and my car I imported from UK.
    My issue is even though my car has all facilities for Mercedes Me app and registered with all products this app is not working for Sri Lanka. Is there a way to get my vehicle connected to Mercedes Me?

    My second question / suggestion is why can’t Mercedes company introduce atleast to get connected via Bluetooth.

    Appreciate your feedback pls.

  4. Great info. I just purchased a 2015 GL350 and would like to know how to play music from my iphone and how to record mp3 music from same.

  5. Hello, I’m eager to see the video of your vehicle operation experience, but I can’t watch YouTube video for special reasons. Is there any other way to learn it?

    1. The reason I use YouTube platform for my videos, because it’s widely used and very good quality. What video platform is accessible to you?

  6. We have recently acquired our beautiful dream car, a 2016 E350W4 model. I’ve enjoyed your video demos and have learned a lot about our new car.
    My issue: the owner’s manual book constantly tells me to refer to the onboard Digital Operator’s Manual guide for further details.
    My question: How can I obtain a copy of this Digital Owner’s Manual? Is there a DVD or online copy available for my model automobile? It’s frustrating to me to drain the battery or waste gas to read a Owner’s Manual on board and it will not display during driving even if I’m a passenger.

    Thank you for your very informative videos.

    1. I just sent you 2 manuals for 2016 E-Class Sedan and also Comand Manual. Check your email and 2 attachments. Also you can click on “Tutorials” tab of this website, to learn a lot more!

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