70mai QUALITY Review | A810 4k Dashcam | Part 2

If you want to buy a dashcam, the most important feature is how easily you can see and read the smallest details. In particular, you must be able to read the vehicle license plate numbers. Thanks to the latest SONY Starvis 2 image sensor, you can clearly read not only the license plate of the car in front of you but also on the side. Since this camera has a high 4k image resolution, you can easily zoom in, clearly read at a distance, and even read the signs from far away.

Watch in 4k Hi-Resolution!
  • 00:00 70mai A810 Dashcam Important Features;
  • 00:52 Daytime Test: Quality, Stability – Front Camera;
  • 01:47 Daytime Test: Clarity, Visibility – Front Camera;
  • 02:57 Daytime Test: Dark Area Visibility – Front Camera;
  • 04:24 Daytime Test: Against the Sun – Front Camera;
  • 04:58 Daytime Test: Quality, Clarity – Rear Camera;
  • 05:44 Nighttime Test: Quality – Front Camera;
  • 06:25 Nighttime Test: HDR, Visibility – Front Camera;
  • 08:14 Nighttime Test: Quality; Visibility – Rear Camera;
  • 09:01 70mai A810 Dashcam Resources.

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