Rove R3 Dashcam

3 Rotatable Cameras | ROVE-R3 Dashcam Review!

Some interesting things about this Rove R3, 3-camera dashcam system. It has two separately ...
Ombar Dashcam

Finger-Sized 4k Dashcam | OMBAR-DC42 Review!

This Ombar 4k dashcam has a few very interesting features. First, it's very small! ...
tire inflator

FANTTIK-X8 Apex Review | Unique, Portable, Cordless TIRE Inflator!

Underinflated tires reduce your car's performance: suspension, steering, and handling. Plus, you'd need to ...


  1. Elvis on ABOUT

    Suddenly my temperature gauge move from 90 to red and then comes back i.e fluctuating. I just top-up coolant.