10 Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About – Tips & Tricks!

Got Mercedes? Must watch video for Mercedes-Benz owners, demo 10 hidden features available in most Mercedes models over the past 10 – 20 years, full tutorial and explanation. This video is better than Mercedes owner manual!


Some features in the Mercedes-Benz vehicles are really obscure and therefore rarely used. However they are extremely useful in everyday life, because everyone likes to simplify stuff and nobody likes complications.

This demonstration is based on some different models, but you have to check with your own car, to make sure if one of those functions is available in your particular car.

How many features out of 10 did you already know about? What features should I demo in my upcoming videos? Please let me know, after you finish watching, in Comments section below.

Mercedes-Benz Features:

  • 01:03 Feature #10 – Redial from Mercedes Instrument Cluster;
  • 04:24 Feature #9 – Mercedes Keypad Dial;
  • 05:55 Feature #8 – Mercedes Radio Station Dial;
  • 07:06 Feature #7 – Mercedes Keyless Windows Roll Up;
  • 07:45 Feature #6 – Mercedes Keyless Windows Roll Down;
  • 08:27 Feature #5 – Mercedes Glove Compartment Cooler;
  • 09:18 Feature #4 – Mercedes Camera Switch;
  • 10:08 Feature #3 – Mercedes 2 Step Unlocking;
  • 11:57 Feature #2 – Mercedes Phone Presets;
  • 14:19 Feature #1 – Read Out Mercedes Text and Reply by Calling.

Here is the link to E-Class Speed Dial tutorial: E-Class Speed Dial Tutorial.

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Lesson #3: 9 Extra Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About!

3 Replies to “10 Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About – Tips & Tricks!”

  1. I have tried Feature #3 – 2 step locking, and cannot get it to work as shown in my 2018 E400 Coupe. Is this supposed to be available in all models? I hold both buttons to lock, the red light flashes but when opening again both doors unlock. This did work in my 2014 E350…

    1. Yes, it should definitely work. Don’t hold both buttons to lock. Press both the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons at the same time for approx 6 seconds, until the key light flashes twice. Then if you press UNLOCK only once – only the driver door and gas flap will unlock. If you press UNLOCK twice, then every door will open.

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