8 More MBUX Quick SHORTCUTS ⏱️ for Mercedes Owners!

Mercedes MBUX

Mercedes MBUX Time-Saving Shortcuts that you can start using in your car today! The EXCLUSIVE tutorial demonstrates how you can do the most common tasks with a single touch, swipe, or voice command. If you find the new Mercedes MBUX system very complex, which requires too many steps to perform a single task, you are not alone!

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TOP 10 Mercedes DON’Ts 🛑 Tips & Tricks!

Mercedes Don'ts

If you own Mercedes, you probably have seen some weird stuff in that car! Here are 10 Mercedes problems and solutions to be aware of. This tutorial covers most Mercedes models over the past 5 – 10 years. They’re intended for new Mercedes owners as well as current Mercedes experts. These tips and tricks should save you lots of trouble, time, and money!

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Mercedes Garage Remote Demo | Rolling and Fixed Code Programming | Most 2018 – 2021 models!


How to program the rolling or fixed code remote controls for the latest Mercedes garage door opener. You can do it yourself! This video demonstration covers the most 2018 to 2021 models. First, you have to identify if your remote control uses the fixed or rolling code. While the fixed code remote can be easily paired from inside the car, the rolling code remote controls have to be programmed directly with the garage door motor, bypassing the garage clicker altogether. This is DIY.

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