Finger-Sized 4k dual Car DASHCAM | OMBAR DC42- Easy Install, Unbox, Settings, Footage Samples, Demo!

This Ombar 4k dashcam has a few very interesting features. First, it’s very small! It’s so tiny; the length is about the size of my finger! And it’s less than one and a half fingers in width. Due to its smaller size, you can easily hide it behind the rearview mirror or, in my case, behind the sunvisor. I do my own research based on real-life testing that I demonstrated in this video.

Watch Video in 4k Hi Resolution!
  • 00:00 Ombar DC42 Dashcam Features;
  • 01:30 Footage Demo Samples and Tests of Ombar DC42 Dashcam;
  • 04:33 Unboxing and Installation of Ombar Dashcam;
  • 10:22 App Settings Tutorial of Ombar Dashcam;
  • 16:45 Review, Recommendations of Ombar Dashcam;
  • 17:27 Question of TODAY!

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