Finger-Sized 4k Dashcam | OMBAR-DC42 Review!

This Ombar 4k dashcam has a few very interesting features. First, it’s very small! It’s so tiny; the length is about the size of my finger! And it’s less than one and a half fingers in width. Due to its smaller size, you can easily hide it behind the rearview mirror or, in my case, behind the sunvisor. I do my own research based on real-life testing that I demonstrated in this video.

Watch Video in 4k Hi Resolution!
  • 00:00 Ombar DC42 Dashcam Features;
  • 01:30 Footage Demo Samples and Tests of Ombar DC42 Dashcam;
  • 04:33 Unboxing and Installation of Ombar Dashcam;
  • 10:22 App Settings Tutorial of Ombar Dashcam;
  • 16:45 Review, Recommendations of Ombar Dashcam;
  • 17:27 Question of TODAY!

4 Replies to “Finger-Sized 4k Dashcam | OMBAR-DC42 Review!”

  1. Hello again! I have tried to contact Ombar as I have three more questions that relate to the “Parking Mode Hardware Kit”. Question 1: Included with the “hardware kit” (as per your link in the tutorial) is a little black box with three wires…..(Yellow, red and black). I assume this replaces the cigarette lighter plug for hardwiring…is that correct? Question 2: Is there a “special place” the “little black box” is supposed to be mounted? I tried asking Ombar, but got back an answer completely unrelated to the question. (In general, the Ombar instructions are very incomplete when it comes to the “parking mode”). Question 3: Apparently there are two buttons on the “little black box”. One button is (+) and one button is (-). I believe these change the voltage. Do you know about this? What voltage should I set this at?

    I noted your comment on the Pelsee, but I don’t want to mount a camera outside the car.

    Also FYI: Ombar did suggest mounting the rear camera lower down on the rear window to avoid the rear shade hitting it, and not to have the rear camera facing one of the rear window defroster wires.

    Thank you so very much for the excellent tutorials and the assistance. This should be the final information I need to get this project done!

    1. 1. Yes. 2. There is no special place. You can place it anywhere you want (based on where you’ll connect it). Just make sure it’s hidden somewhere inside out of the sight. 3. I don’t think you need to change the voltage from vehicle’s 12V. Also, it comes with an owner’s instruction, explaining where and how to connect in details. If you’re not 100% sure how to install it, I recommend to give it to any mechanic/electric shop for a professional clean installation, and just pay them 1-time installation fee. Cheers!

  2. I have read all your reviews of the dash cameras. I am leaning towards ordering the OMBAR-42 as in your review. I have looked at the issue with the rear shade (back window of my 2018 E class) and I
    don’t believe this is going to be an issue. The rear shade does not
    follow the contour of the window. It starts out away from the glass at the bottom, then gets closer as the shade moves to the top, thus allowing additional clearance for the rear camera! Since there is a blackened area at the top of the glass, I will be mounting the camera a couple of inches below the highest possible spot. Problem solved. I will also be ordering the additional wiring kit to allow for a “parking mode”. I have looked at all of your reviews of dash cams, and my only question is: Is the OMBAR-42 the best camera of the group, in your opinion? And yes, regardless of which camera I order, it will be from the link in your tutorial. Your information is very valuable, and I will do my part to support your efforts! Please let me know your thoughts on the OMBAR-42 vs all the others! Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. Ombar is a very good deal, if you consider what you get for what you pay. And it’s very simple to use – install and forget. Also, take a look at some other systems that come with water proof rear camera that can be installed outside above the rear license plate area, so to solve the rear shade issue. Like “Pelsee” dashcam I reviewed.

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