Mercedes A-Class is DISCONTINUED in the U.S!


If you’d like to buy a brand new Mercedes A-Class model, you have to hurry because the days are numbered. Mercedes-Benz USA made another significant decision to discontinue their entry-level A-Class (V177). As a result, the current ‘2022 model year of A220 and A220 4Matic models will no longer be offered, starting with the 2023 model year lineup.

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2021 Mercedes C-Class | 10 Key CHANGES – Exclusive Review | What’s New!


Review of changes 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class! Mercedes C-Class 2020 vs. 2021 model year comparison in details. 10 key changes are shown in the order of importance from 10 to 1. As a bonus, I give a little review of the C-Class AMG braking systems, and also advice for the C300, C43, C63 and C63s AMG models. At the end I demonstrate the details of the 2021 C300 “Night Edition”, not to be mistaken with the Night Package.

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2020 Mercedes GLE-Class – What’s Really Changed? Full Review

2020 Mercedes GLE-Class

First, let’s look at the body design.

If you look at the front, you immediately notice that the new generation of GLE-Class has taken an identity of the current GLS-Class! The front grill, the hood lines and the overall feel – all points to the current GLS.  Which personally, I think is a big plus, because right away you can see the Mercedes-Benz SUV unmistakably! When I saw the previous spy shots… I was afraid that Mercedes designers will radically transform the look of this mid-size Utility vehicle, but thankfully it actually looks more like a family now.

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Important Update to 2019 E-Class Sedan lineup!

2019 Mercedes-Benz E300 Updated

Mercedes-Benz USA informed today that the previously announced E350 Sedan will not be available in 2019 model year of E-Class Sedan.  Instead, 2019 E-Class Sedan will continue with the same 2.0L inline-4 cylinder engine E300, which outputs 241 HP and 273 lb per ft of Torque. The acceleration obviously stays the same at 6.2 sec from 0 to 60 MPH.
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