3 Rotatable Cameras | ROVE-R3 Dashcam Review!

Some interesting things about this Rove R3, 3-camera dashcam system. It has two separately rotatable cameras in one single body, making it much easier to install since you don’t need to install two different cameras on your windshield. But this one also features a 3rd rear camera.

Watch in 4k Hi-Resolution!
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  • 00:00 Rove R3 Dashcam Unique Features;
  • 01:33 Unboxing and Installation of Rove R3 Dashcam;
  • 07:40 Setting the Rove R3 Dashcam;
  • 12:34 Footage Samples of Rove R3 Dashcam;
  • 14:02 Night Footage Troubleshooting of Rove R3 Dashcam;
  • 15:41 Rove R3 Resources;
  • 16:10 Question of TODAY!

2 Replies to “3 Rotatable Cameras | ROVE-R3 Dashcam Review!”

  1. Quick question. You have demonstrated several models of dash cams. I was wondering if you could recommend one over the other. I have a 2020 GLE 450 and a 2022 EQB 350. I like the dashcams to be hidden and not very noticeable. Thanks.

    1. Pelsee Smart Mirror 2 channel dashcam system is a very good deal. But if you want to spend some more on 3-channel, the Viofo was very good. I plan to demo some really good systems within a month or so, so stay tuned!

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