Mercedes Instrument Cluster | Video Manual – 2 | Most 2014 – 2019 + + models!

Do you own Mercedes? In this second part video, you can watch the demonstration of the Instrument Cluster operations. In particular this tutorial explains the “Trip Computer” and “Service Menu” in details. The demo is designed for the most Mercedes-Benz models between 2014 to 2019 model years, but also extends beyond these years for some other models, you have to check with your own cars for an availability of all the features – yourself.


The purpose of this DIY video is for you to understand how to control your own car yourself, without going to the dealership every time you need to change something. Trip computer and Serv. menu helps you understand the behavior of your car and your vehicle service needs. Also if you learn how to use the vehicle data, it will help you to drive more economically saving money on gas and unnecessary maintenance.

If you have any questions, please leave comments below. And the question for today is: If you could invent a feature for a car, what would it be? If you don’t want to watch the whole video, you can jump to your selection directly below:

  • 00:40 Mercedes Instrument Cluster Controls;
  • 00:45 Mercedes Instrument Cluster Menu;
  • 01:14 Mercedes Service Menu;
  • 01:22 Mercedes Messages;
  • 01:51 Mercedes Tire Pressure;
  • 02:27 Mercedes Tire Specs;
  • 03:37 Mercedes Tire Measurement;
  • 04:09 Mercedes Tire Reference Values;
  • 04:42 Mercedes Assyst Plus;
  • 04:49 Mercedes Next Service Due Indicator;
  • 05:46 Mercedes Trip Computer;
  • 05:51 Mercedes Odometer;
  • 06:00 Mercedes Simple Trip;
  • 06:13 Mercedes Trip Reset;
  • 06:34 Mercedes Digital Speedometer;
  • 06:51 Mercedes Trip Count from Reset;
  • 07:33 Mercedes Trip Computer from Start;
  • 07:45 Mercedes Instrument ECO Display;
  • 09:30 Mercedes Range to Empty Gas Tank;
  • 09:55 Mercedes Gas Consumption MPG;
  • 10:03 Mercedes ECO Charge Gauge.

Watch 1st part here: Video Manual 1

10 Replies to “Mercedes Instrument Cluster | Video Manual – 2 | Most 2014 – 2019 + + models!”

  1. 2014 C250: My car reported low tire pressure, which I corrected. However, even after driving for half an hour and then even the next day, the tire pressure notification emblem did not go out. How do I reset?

    1. Make sure you have the correct tire pressure. Measure and make sure the tire is not losing air. Then if everything is ok, reset the values. Watch my other video on how to reset it on a little different year and model, but it will give you an idea of how to do it here: Mercedes Video Manual – Part 2.

  2. HI Master, learned a lot watching your videos. I have a 2019 SL 550, there is one problem I can’t seem to correct when exiting or entering the vehicle the steering wheel moves either up or down as required but the drivers seat does not move forward or rearward as required. Could please help me with this problem.

    1. There may be a few reasons. First, the seat of your roadster is already moved so far back, that there is nowhere to move. The second issue may be, is you have to turn on both features in Settings. So maybe only the steering wheel is turned on in the settings, but the seat feature is turned off. And the third reason may be is on some Mercedes years and models, the automatic seat movement was disabled due to some legal issues. I think some kid got stuck and injured in the back, while the seat was moving automatically. So, for some time that feature was disabled. But later MB fixed an issue, and automatic seat movement was reinstated. I’m not sure whether your particular model was affected.

  3. I have just bought a 2020 amg E53 Sedan. How do I use voice commands. The manual is not clear to me (I’m 88) and the dealer sales person was not “too up” on the voice commands buttons. Do you have a tutorial I can watch?
    Thank you.

  4. MBZ master,

    Got a 2016 GL 350 with an EGR fault code, current mileage is 90,000 km mostly highway driving.

    Would you replace or simply clean this part, that’s usually gets clogged? I am having loss of power due to this issue.

    Some YouTube videos suggest it can be cleaned, Love your vid’s they’re straight to the point and cost saving

    1. Just logically, I would try to clean it first – since it doesn’t cost any money. You can always replace it, if it doesn’t help.

  5. I just bought a used 2013 E350 Luxury and it did not come with the comfort box in the trunk. If I buy the comfort box can I install it myself and us it easy? Please let me know. Thank you. Carlos

    1. Yes Carlos, it should be very easy to install. It should come with the clips and the manual. It’s just clip and go!

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