Mercedes Presets, Radio, Audio | Video Manual – 3 | Most 2014 – 2019 + + models!

Do you own Mercedes? This Mercedes Audio and Radio Tutorial is the 3rd Part of the “Mercedes Video Manual” series. Step by step explanation on how to use all the features accompanied by hands-on demonstrations in every detail. This is for the most 2014 to 2019 Mercedes-Benz models and also can be compatible on some other model years as well!

The purpose of this DIY video is for you to understand how to control your own car yourself, without going to the dealership every time you need to change something. Mercedes Radio and Audio controls look very complicated at first, but after you finish watching this video – you will have the complete understanding on how to control your Comand Audio unit yourself. If you have any questions, please leave comments below. And the question for today is: What year and model of your car, and how long do you plan to keep it? If you don’t want to watch the whole video, you can jump to your selection directly below:

  • 00:43 Mercedes Steering Volume Controls;
  • 01:00 Mercedes Mute Button;
  • 01:02 Mercedes Voice Control Button;
  • 01:40 Mercedes Comand Power Switch;
  • 01:49 Mercedes Comand Volume Control;
  • 01:59 Mercedes Radio and Media Direct Buttons;
  • 02:31 Mercedes Radio Station Carousel;
  • 02:42 Mercedes Direct Radio Station Enter;
  • 02:57 Mercedes Radio Station Preset;
  • 03:45 Mercedes Recall Saved Station;
  • 03:50 Mercedes Comand Task Bars;
  • 04:37 Mercedes Radio Options;
  • 05:19 Mercedes Controller Back Button;
  • 05:29 Mercedes Radio Search;
  • 06:16 Mercedes Comand Presets;
  • 07:49 Mercedes Radio Bands;
  • 08:09 Mercedes Radio Information tab;
  • 08:30 Mercedes Satellite Sirius Radio;
  • 08:58 Mercedes Sound Controls;
  • 09:57 Mercedes Radio Shortcuts;
  • 10:21 Mercedes Internet Radio;
  • 10:44 Mercedes Info on Radio;
  • 11:30 Mercedes 2 Independent Screens;
  • 11:57 Mercedes Steering Audio Controls;
  • 12:13 Mercedes Steering Radio Control;
  • 12:23 Mercedes Steering Radio Band Switch;
  • 13:18 Mercedes Media Switch.

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  1. I have SE 300 2012, I have Galaxy Note 10 and I connected through blue tooth. I can make and listen to calls in the car but I can not listen to Audio ( music ) from my mobile to the speaker of the car. I have seen some instructions from other Youtube video but it is a bit complicated. Can you help
    thank you

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