360° Smart Vehicle Surveillance | 70mai DASHCAM omni Full Review + 7 Tests!

70mai AI omni Dashcam Unbox, Install, Settings, Demo, 7 Tests Raw Footage, ADAS Demo, 360° Parking Mode, Recommendations + Full Review! The industry’s first patented 360-degree vehicle dashcam with smart AI motion detection is here. And… it understands voice commands!

Watch Video in 4k!

Here is a timeline of the review:

  • 00:00 70mai omni Dashcam Full Review;
  • 00:55 Unboxing and Installation of 70mai omni Dashcam;
  • 05:55 70mai omni Dashcam Connecting to 70mai Mobile App;
  • 09:03 Adjusting the Position of 70mai omni Camera;
  • 12:20 7 Tests of 70mai Dashcam Unedited Raw Footage;
  • 15:37 ADAS Setting and Demo of 70mai omni Dashcam;
  • 19:32 Parking Mode 360 Surveillance of 70mai omni Dashcam;
  • 20:38 70mai Hardware Kit Demo;
  • 21:32 How to Save Footage from 70mai Dashcam Mobile App;
  • 22:13 About 70mai;
  • 23:00 Question of TODAY!

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