Missing Navigation Option on MBUX Equipped 2019 + Mercedes-Benz Models. (Updated on June 14, 2022)

If you found this article, you are probably asking yourself this question: “Can I add a Navigation to my Mercedes, equipped with the latest, but basic MBUX system?” I assume that you’re referring to one of the following models: 2019+ A-Class or 2020+ CLA, GLB, GLA – Classes, or even the newly refreshed 2020+ GLC Class, so keep reading!

Mercedes Instrument Cluster Menu!
Mercedes Instrument Cluster Menu!

If you have one of the models mentioned above without the Multimedia Package, then your car is already equipped with the Mercedes-Benz NTG6 (MBUX) system. Therefore, you don’t have any of the original Mercedes Navigation systems in your car right now. However, strangely enough, you can clearly see the Navigation icon while scrolling through the instrument cluster menu! As you can see in the photo above:

What’s even more strange – is when you select this Navigation option, the following message pops up: “Please Insert Map Media” as you can see in the photo below. The message by itself is so misleading… that I don’t even know where to start! Because any sober person would question himself immediately: “Where do I get the mysterious Map Media, and where the heck do I insert it into?”

Mercedes Map Media
Mercedes Map Media!

That would make a lot of sense because the other and many previous Mercedes-Benz models have always had an Accessory Navigation option which could’ve been easily added to any model in the form of an SD Card. All you had to do is buy an SD Card Navigation, mostly made by Garmin as well as others – as I wrote in my 3 Types of Mercedes Navigation Systems, and insert it into the SD Card slot as you can see in the photo below:

Mercedes SD Card
Mercedes SD Card!

What’s even more bizarre, unlike with the previous generations of models, there is no Accessory Navigation available for the models equipped with NTG6 (MBUX)! Even though you have a Navi icon, which clearly asks you to insert the Map Media… Furthermore, the SD Card slot is nowhere to be found! So, the only way to have a Navigation system in the above-mentioned models is to buy one already equipped with the Multimedia Package, which also requires the optional Premium Package. It would make your car a lot more expensive, so what are the alternatives?

One of the reasons Mercedes got rid of the SD Card Navigation was the mediocre quality of the guidance system. Yes, it would take you from point A to point B and it was very inexpensive, but it was really old technologically. Some people say: “Something is better than nothing.” However, the latest Mercedes models have the Apple Car-Play and Android-Auto compatibility as Standard equipment. Both offer free and modern guidance systems, which are always updated up to the minute because those apps are installed on your cell phone… not in your car! See photos below:

Mercedes Smartphone Integration
Mercedes Smartphone Integration!

We have a video on how to use Android Auto if you have an Android operating phone, and similarly, you can use Apple Car Play if you have an iPhone. MBZMaster.com is also planning to release a video demonstrating the latest Android and Apple updated systems, so don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified as soon as it happens! The only problem, to use either one is – you must connect your phone to your car via USB cable, and some of you don’t want to mess with cables. So, is there any other way to get an original Navigation for your car?

The answers are probably YES – in the near future, but NO – as of right now! On all the mentioned models 2020+ CLA, GLB, GLA, GLC, and 2019+ A-Class, you have the ability to add/install apps and then update them over-the-air. If you could install an app over the air, then you wouldn’t need an SD Card anymore! As seen in the photo below:

Mercedes Over-The-Air Update
Mercedes Over-The-Air Update!

And here is the good news: “Mercedes-Benz Cross Carline Product Management team is currently exploring the possibility of offering the opportunity to add the Navigation Services via an “Over-The-Air” update. More details to follow in the coming months.” So, the so-called “Map Media” will be downloaded to the internal hard drive of your car, and the need for an SD Card will be eliminated!

Here at MBZMaster.com, we will post an update about Mercedes Accessory Navigation as soon as it becomes available! If you’d like to see our future updates, please click both “LIKE” and “FOLLOW” on our Facebook Fan Page!

UPDATE 06/14/2022: (!)

Mercedes Accessory Navigation is finally available for download Over-The-Air via Mercedes-Me Connect Shop Store in the U.S.

58 Replies to “Missing Navigation Option on MBUX Equipped 2019 + Mercedes-Benz Models. (Updated on June 14, 2022)”

  1. Hello! I saw that the navigation became available but just tried to recently purchase it and it looks like it is no longer available to purchase. Do you have any input as to why this might be?

    1. Just did. On 2020 CLA 35 everything shows activated except the icon in MBUX. When you click on it, it says to insert the medium to activate navigation? Just paid almost $600 for this and it’s not working.

  2. Hi everyone,
    For me i have a specific case. I bought my GLC2020 from Germany it has Navigation it works in Europe ( But in my country where I live – Tunisia – there is no map) how I could fix this problem?

  3. Has anyone tried using a usb-c to add card reader? And tried with se card? I have a GLB and it’s so uncomfortable to have to use a cable and google maps. I also have a Porsche and Apple car play works perfectly wireless, don’t understand what’s wrong with Benz.

    1. Voila! I was able to purchase and add navigation to my CLA250 2021 via Mercedes store. It came with CarPlay and android auto but no navigation. The purchase costed me 650$cad but it sent a satellite signal right away to my car and I have now navigation with live traffic on my Mercedes. Yay!

  4. You can now add navigation to your car with MBUX using Mercedes me store app. You add the hard-disk navigation and complete transaction. The map will appear when you switch on ignition.

    1. I’d love to know how you do this. I have a 2020 GLC and do not see a way to do this with Mercedes Me App or Mercedes Me Connect App. Could you explain further?

        1. Correction…I see the activation of services for navigation that says I can buy it but it crashes the app when I click on it so I assume it’s still a work in progress.

    2. Where do you live? Im in Canada and it says I can order it but when I hit view details and purchase it doesn’t work. Maybe its a geographic thing?

  5. I have a scenario that your wonderful informative article doesn’t address. 2020 C43 build date 8/19
    Audio 20 NTG 5.5/SD Card Slot in Console/GPS Antenna but no 355 Nav PreWire. Nav button center console does nothing nor any Nav icon however there is a Nav Icon on the digital speedometer screen. Nav SD cards do not work. This is confusing and so frustrating. Any expert thoughts. Is this in between Garmin Map Pilot and MBUX?

      1. Thanks so much. You are awesome. 2 key questions.
        1. Difference between MB Entry Navigation SD Card vs Garmin SD Card
        2. Biggest question: Without
        Code 355 but with SD and Nav Capable Radio 506 and GPS Antenna can a cable be added or rigged to get the Navigation icon on the screen and work with the proper SD Nav Card?

  6. Hello , just a suggestion . Some other things that will be lovely to be seen on your channel
    1. Wireless charging kit to buy and how to install in for Glb, Gla and Glc thst didn’t come with wireless charging

    2. Wireless car play kit to buy and how to configure it .

    Thank you and God bless

  7. Thanks for this article and for looking into this! Have you heard any updates on being able to activate nav in a 2020 GLC 300 over the air?

  8. How come the vehicle doors on 2021 models cannot unlock with keyfon when i turn on car with push button and lock with me connect app? the keeps does not let me unlock door and the app does not allow me to unlock it either?

    1. It’s not only 2021 and not only Mercedes. You can’t unlock any car from outside, while the car is running – for safety and security reasons.

  9. Also as I scroll through the menu I can find active GPS readings on my location. If it is linking with satellites already then one would think it could support navigation. once again Ugggh! I did not want to take the car home but the other half wanted that car. So we reluctantly sacrificed.

  10. I just bought a 2021 GLB. It is loaded with all options. We asked if it had onboard navigation.The salesperson said, yes, he would just have to upload it from an SD card. After the sale was complete he went to get a tech to load up the navigation only to find that the car had no SD slot. Uggh. Just spent 50 grand on a car that I have to have a cable plugged into my phone. Uggh again. What the heck? Not only does the navigation app show up on the display, my car has an actual navigation button on the center console. Very unhappy about this.

    1. Agree MB shame. You can get max Navi on a 29k Hyundai. This is disappointing and beyond. Another 1k to add it later….frustrating shit

  11. I want to add Add Android Auto To my A200 W177, 2019 standard edition. I contacted the dealer here. However it seems like he does not have an answer. Can some tell me please if it is only a software upgrade or it requires a hardware installation.

    1. In the United States, Android Auto is Standard equipment on A-Class. Make sure to connect your cable via the correct USB input, because it doesn’t work with every input. I have a video on how to connect Android Auto to a different model, but it should give you an idea. Watch this video here: Mercedes Android Auto.

      1. Change the menu on the left side of the steering wheel – to display something else – like radio or trip computer, etc…

        1. Thank u. Well… i tried playing around by doing all that but its still there. Lol. I’ll keep trying. If unsuccessful i guess I’ll just take it in and ask someone.

  12. That’s good to hear. My CLA was pretty loaded but does not have navigation. The car has LTE, I can see it on my iPhone app (where its parked) and it has a browser built in. I was shocked to find that Navigation could not be purchased after that. Hoping the OTA allows for the purchasing of Maps and Serius XM.

    1. Don’t forget you can use your cell phone’s Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for the navigation systems and many other apps.

      1. Yeah but it’s not the same. It doesn’t take up the whole screen and honestly Mercedes package looks better. It’s literally just a software switch that would turn it on in my car. That’s what frustrates me more anything.

    2. Any update on if/when M-B will be offering the “Over the Air” update to add navigation to a GLC?

        1. We just bought a 2021 GLC last week with all the options we wanted except the navigation. We are realizing that using google maps via Apple CarPlay is less than desirable. We are excited to hear that MB is looking at a wireless navigation upgrade add on. Is there any thing we can do to help support this development? Is there a Mercedes customer forum we could post on (one they actually read) to help push the momentum of this development?

          1. No need, because Mercedes is already working on it. The delay is due to Covid 19 closures, but the solution will be available in the near future.

          2. Hello! I am checking to see if you have any updates on the navigation add on. Our dealer does not seem to know anything about it and we would really like to have the navigation instead of having to plug our phone in to get navigation.
            Thanks in advance for any update

          3. Based on comments it’s already available outside the U.S., so I expect the availability very soon here as well.

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