Android-Auto MAJOR UPDATE – 2021 FULL Exclusive Tutorial Demo | Widescreen Satellite Bird’s Eye View

Recently, Google made some major updates to a very popular Android-Auto app that many drivers use in their cars. Some updates addressed the problems that many of you complained about. I will demo something very interesting in this video because I had so many questions from everyone on that particular subject. If you’ve never used an “Android Auto” app before, watch this demo that I’m about to show because I think you’re going to like it! Coming Up!

WATCH in 4k resolution – 2021 Android Auto!

Many people asked me why I need to use an Android Auto app and mess with a USB cable? Especially the new cars come with the state of the art Multimedia, Navigation, and Phone Integration. Well, let me show you a few examples!

The most exciting new feature is the Split and Fill the full screen. You would immediately think that the latest Mercedes’s MBUX big 12.3″ screen would benefit the most. After all, Mercedes was one of the first vehicles supporting an Android-Auto since 2017. Right?

Well… at the time of making this video in March 2021, Mercedes MBUX models are NOT compatible with the Split Screen update just yet; however, Google swears they are working on the compatibility very soon. Meanwhile, I will demo this feature on another vehicle – the 2020 Jaguar F-Pace, which is already compatible with the latest feature, so you can see what’s coming to your car very shortly. This feature may be available already, you have to check in your car.

Watch the video for the full breakdown, or you can jump directly to the parts of your interest below:

  • 00:00​ 2021 Android Auto Explained;
  • 00:50​ Why do you need the Android Auto app?
  • 01:15​ Android Auto vs. Original Stock System;
  • 03:07​ What’s New in 2021 Android Auto updates?
  • 03:39​ Mercedes incompatibility with Android Auto widescreen;
  • 05:05​ Android Auto demo on Jaguar F-Pace;
  • 05:55​ Android Auto Full Widescreen Demo;
  • 08:06​ Android Auto Voice Control Demo;
  • 08:47​ Android Auto Google Assistant in Vehicle Demo;
  • 10:24​ Android Auto Navigation, Phone, Audio Music Controls;
  • 11:01​ Android Auto Apps;
  • 12:47​ Android Auto Integration with Car’s Radio;
  • 13:29​ Android Auto Pandora and other music apps;
  • 14:00​ Android Auto’s Satellite Bird’s Eye View;
  • 14:18​ Android Auto Satellite Zoom Demonstration;
  • 15:29​ Android Auto Smartphone Settings;
  • 16:16​ How to add new apps to Android Auto;
  • 16:43​ Test Driving Android Auto demo;
  • 18:45​ MBZ Master Question.

3 Replies to “Android-Auto MAJOR UPDATE – 2021 FULL Exclusive Tutorial Demo | Widescreen Satellite Bird’s Eye View”

  1. Hi I’ve got a 2016 mercedes gle 350d that has got apple car play fitted but not android auto is there anyway i can get android auto fitted or change cars will be gutted if i have to change cars thanks mb lover

    1. No, you can’t add Android Auto to the 2016 model. AA came out in 2017 models as I’ve shown in this video: But, in my next video, which I’m working on right now, I’m going to present an alternative on how to add Android OS to your car, especially if it’s only equipped with Apple Carplay, and make your car smart. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you’ll be notified when it will be released here:

  2. Thanks a lot mbz master your a star I’ve watched nearly all off your video’s keep up the good work cheers

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