Mercedes C-Class Video Manual Part 2: INTERIOR

Watch video for much more information on how to use Mercedes-Benz C-Class, model year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and up. This the 2nd part of C-Class owner manual series, which demonstrates the interior operations and tutorial on how to use features. Tips and tricks!


Demonstration of the C-Class interior operations, including seats, memory seats, automatic locking/unlocking interior activation buttons. Video tutorial instead of paper owner manual. Demo of mirrors, panorama sunroof how to operate and also troubleshooting tips. Steering wheel lever controls including the wipers and cruise control. Demo how to use automatic parking brake and automatic headlights.

Tutorial on the functions of the interior lighting, rear view camera and the phone number location for Mercedes-Benz emergency roadside assistance.

Detailed demonstration on how to automatically tilt the right passenger mirror to help with the parking. Every time when you engage the reverse gear on your transmission, the passenger mirror will automatically tilt to the preset position, so you can see the rear wheel against the curb, and you can easily parallel park your car into the desired space.

Tips and Tricks series. Explanation of the trunk release, rear fog light switch and interior dimmer.

One thing I like about seat adjustments is that the seat control is located on the door instead of the seat. So when you are adjusting your seat, you can actually see what you are doing. You can lower, tilt and extend the bottom of the seat. Also you can electrically adjust the backrest and headrest of the seat to the best possible position. Also there is an inflatable lumber control on the side of the seat. Optionally you can get the heated and cooling seats…

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