9 Proper Steps to Break-In New Mercedes or AMG During First 1k miles!

This demo is based on Mercedes-Benz, but also applies to the majority of all other vehicles.

“Have you seen all those people who are always having problems with their car? And the only problem is: they don’t know how to break-in their cars in the first place! I still remember when my dad always said: “Son, Make sure to warm up your engine in the morning before you start driving”. Was he right? ..”


Do you need to warm up your car? We’ll check a little later..

Question: “Why do you need to break-in brand new vehicle anyway?”

Let’s compare the brand new car to a new-born baby. If you give baby milk, vitamins. right healthcare and good-looking nurse – the end result will be: happy and healthy grown man. The same goes with the car. If you pay money for the brand new car and give a proper break-in, instead of milk; the end result will be a happy and trouble-free vehicle…

Question: “Did you know brand new Mercedes-Benz and AMG vehicles are pre-programmed to be in the learning mode during the first 1,000 miles (1500 km) of driving?” And Teach-In procedure must be performed.

To answer this question let’s look into Mercedes-Benz Operator’s Manual. Here is excerpt: “Full system effectiveness is not reached until the end of this teach-in procedure.”

Let’s look at some steps on how to break in a new car:

1. Drive at varying speeds for the first 1,000 miles (1,500 km);
2. Avoid heavy loads, driving at full throttle;
3. Change gears timely;
4. Do not manually downshift to slow the car;
5. Avoid flooring the pedal;

Additional steps must be performed for AMG vehicles:

6. Do not drive faster than 85 MPH (140 km/hr) during first 1,000 miles;
7. Allow only maximum engine speed of 4,500 rpm;
8. Change gears in a good time;
9. Only drive in Comfort program mode.

So let’s go back to the original question in this video: Do you have to warm up the engine before you start driving? And the answer is NO. If we look at Mercedes-Benz Operator’s Manual, we can see the following: “Do not warm up the engine, when the vehicle is stationary! Drive off immediately.”

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