2018-2019 Mercedes GLC63 AMG SUV vs. Coupe: What’s New and Changes!

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class gets 2 additional models: GLC63 AMG SUV and GLC63 AMG Coupe! Both models share the same power-train, engine, transmission, technology, performance and even the same wheelbase. However there are clear differences in the dimensions and the body style.


Both models are equipped with the new 4 liter AMG V8 Bi-Turbo engine, which outputs 469 Horsepower, 479 lb per ft of torque and they accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. That’s a surprisingly big engine for that kind of a car! They come with all the latest AMG technology including: AMG Speedshift MCT 9-Speed transmission, 4Matic+ variable all wheel drive and AMG Dynamic Select drive programs.

AMG 63s variant improves the engine output to 503 HP and 516 lb-ft of torque. Acceleration is improved to 3.7 sec. from 0 – 60 mph. It looks like GLC63s AMG will be only available in the coupe version in U.S.

The biggest difference is in the height, where GLC-Class SUV is 2.5″ higher than GLC-Class coupe. Both models have the same width if you include mirrors. But there is clearly much more space in the back seat of an SUV than coupe. Coupe design looks a lot better aesthetically, but mostly designed for 2 people. That’s why they call it a Coupe. It has classic Fastback design, similar to American Era of muscle cars, where the roof-line slopes slowly backward.

What does GLC stand for? “G” refers to the Mercedes-Benz flagship SUV – G-Class, which is in German: “Gelandewagen”. Translates to English as “Off-Road Vehicle” So if Mercedes model starts with letter G – it means it’s an SUV. “L” stands for “Luxus”, translates to English: “Luxury”. And letter “C” means that this car stands on C-Class platform. “C” also means – compact. So the 3rd letter refers to the size of the car.

Since this car stands on the sedan’s platform, but it has more room because of an SUV design – we call it a “Crossover”. The beauty of the Crossover is it drives like a regular car and you don’t feel like driving an SUV.

Another really unexpected surprise is the Panamericana Grille on GLC 63. It further separates GLC63 from GLC43, which has Diamonds Grille. The difference between GLC43 and GLC63 is 43 has all the AMG technology, but it goes through the regular production. On another hand 63 is hand-built and a lot more exclusive. “One man – One engine” approach.

The only other AMG car, which receives Panamericana Grille in 2018 is much more expensive and exotic GT-Class. That actually raises the level of a GLC-Class to a real high performance and makes it appealing! Panamericana Grille design comes from 1950’s SL, which won multiple championships. You can see more about the history behind the Panamericana grille in my previous video about 2018 GT-Class, if you go to my YouTube channel: MBZ Master.

One more thing to mention, because I have a lot of questions about that, 2018 Mercedes GLC-Class will get a Smartphone Integration package, which will include Apple Car Play and Android Auto. It’s about time!

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