Mercedes Bluetooth-Audio Fix | Most 2008 – 2017 models | “BT Audio” Activation!

If you have a Mercedes-Benz model equipped with the Bluetooth Phone, but can’t find Bluetooth Audio – read this! “BT Audio” is designed for the streaming of audio from your phone, or any device compatible with a Bluetooth technology. A lot of people contacted me with the same problem, so I decided to write an article with the solution to this problem, which will require to enter the Mercedes “Engineering mode”.

Mercedes Bluetooth Audio

First, you have to make sure that Bluetooth is active in your car. On your screen, go to SYSTEM and then to SYSTEM SETTINGS, then make sure that ACTIVATE BLUETOOTH box is selected. Same as in photo below:

Mercedes Bluetooth Menu

Then go to AUDIO on the screen and select it. One of the menus in the AUDIO has to be “Bluetooth Audio”, but if you don’t see this menu on the screen (like on the photo below), then you need to enter the system Engineering Mode.

Mercedes Audio Menu

In order to enter the system Engineering Mode, you have to press and hold 3 buttons for about 5-6 seconds until you see the Engineering Mode menu pops up on the screen. The 3 buttons to press together are: RED PHONE PICKUP button + “1” button + “#” button. The buttons are highlighted on the photo below:

Mercedes Engineering Menu

Once you enter the engineering mode on the screen, scroll down to “HU Parameter” and enter. There you’ll see 2 selections: “BT Audio” and “Bluetooth” as you can see in the photo below. Make sure to turn both of them ON.

IMPORTANT: If both selections are turned on already, make sure to turn them off completely… and then turn them on again. Now you can exit from there, and at this point you should have BT Audio selection appeared under AUDIO menu. However,

If all these steps didn’t help and you’re still missing the Bluetooth Audio, here at, we recommend to reset the whole system entirely. Go to SYSTEM SETTINGS and scroll down to RESET, as you can see in the photo below. NOTE: If you do a total reset, you’ll lose all your presets and memory for the radio, navigation, phone etc., so everything will need to be setup again from scratch.

Mercedes Reset

Thanks to Nart Roustom for providing some of the images.

12 Replies to “Mercedes Bluetooth-Audio Fix | Most 2008 – 2017 models | “BT Audio” Activation!”

  1. Please when I entered the engineering mode, my car ( Glk350 2012), did not show BT audio instead it showed others but BT audio not included under the HU parameter

    1. This particular model probably doesn’t have BT Audio streaming. But I think it used to have a Media Interface inside the glove compartment, which consisted of an old iPod connector and also AUX input. Check inside the glove compartment if you still have this plug on the left side inside. If you do, then there are a lot of companies making the interface dongles to enable BT Audio streaming. Just search for any of them online.

    1. The first Mercedes-Benz with Apple CarPlay was released in 2016 models, but the first with Android Auto was released for 2017 models. That’s when I released my first video Mercedes Android Auto because of all the confusion. The only way to get Android Auto is to trade your vehicle for a newer one. The stock Navigation is pretty good, but I would recommend performing a map update at the dealership. You can stream all the sound via Bluetooth media as I’ve shown in Part 4 of the Mercedes Video Manual.

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