Mercedes Bluetooth Connection Demo of Android Smartphone!

Demonstration on how to properly pair your Samsung, Motorola, LG, Pixel… or any other Android phone with Mercedes-Benz or AMG vehicles. There are lots of other videos out there, but this one is the most complete and accurate – full demo tutorial.


Replacing your phone? Then you need to watch. If you still have any questions or any issues with your phone pairing, please write them in the Comments section below, I will reply.

If you’d like to see how to use an “Android-Auto” app on Mercedes-Benz, please watch video tutorial here: Mercedes-Benz Android Auto.

5 Replies to “Mercedes Bluetooth Connection Demo of Android Smartphone!”

  1. Hi, I have a 09 C300 the battery died and when the battery was replaced the option for connecting a Bluetooth phone when away in the command center. How can I get this back.

  2. I purchased a pre-owned 2016 (W212?) E350 sedan and I have a Samsung Note 10 Plus phone I am paring with the vehicle. The phone pairs however within a minute or every so often (one min, two min, etc) the paring drops out and the Samsung Note 10 Phone gives me a message that the Bluetooth app stopped. Something in the Mercedes is killing/crashing the app. This only happens in the Mercedes and once it crashes it reconnects automatically only to drop out (crash) yet again a minute or so later. Only infrequently will the Bluetooth connection remain connected for longer than a few minutes at a time but it always crashes the app. I’ve been told since only the Mercedes crashes the app that the problem has to be in the car’s software or car’s Bluetooth system.

    1) Have you ever heard (or experienced) this problem before?

    2) (More important) any ideas of a fix or what I can do to correct this problem?

    1. Try to completely erase BlueTooth connection on the phone and also in the car. Wipe both clean. Then restart your phone. Must be both connections deleted on phone and inside the car. Then try to follow the instructions in my video and pair it again. See if it helps.

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