BOOST Mercedes Performance – Yourself! | Dynamic Select Exclusive Tutorial

Only 6% of Mercedes-Benz drivers use it. You can start using it today! One way to improve your Mercedes Drive is to tighten the steering wheel, and use the different drive programs that Mercedes offers. In this video, I did some testing and experiments, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Just watch and learn all the details in this exclusive demonstration.


If you’d like to jump directly to the subject of interest, you can do it below:

  • 00:00 Mercedes Soft Steering Wheel;
  • 00:59 Mercedes Dynamic Select Controller;
  • 01:22 Mercedes Driving Programs;
  • 02:00 Mercedes Driving Mode Display in Instrument Cluster;
  • 03:10 Mercedes Comfort Mode Demo;
  • 04:30 Mercedes Vehicle Data Demo;
  • 08:13 Mercedes Sport Mode Demo;
  • 08:40 Mercedes G-Force Display;
  • 10:40 Mercedes Sport Dynamic Program vs. Comfort Dynamic Program;
  • 11:08 Mercedes Engine Data Display Demo;
  • 12:57 Mercedes Individual Dynamic Program Setup;
  • 14:47 Mercedes Individual Mode Demo;
  • 15:50 Mercedes Dynamic Select Modes Explained;
  • 16:07 Mercedes Dynamic Slippery Mode;
  • 16:17 Mercedes Dynamic Off-Road Mode;
  • 16:48 How to Hold Steering Wheel Properly;
  • 19:05 Question of Today.

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