TOP 7 Mercedes Problems – You Can Fix Yourself! | Tips & Tricks

A lot of common Mercedes problems can be easily fixed without anyone else help. Even the simplest problem with the Mercedes can be costly. Top 7 problems that people ask the most are included with the full troubleshooting and explanation. Hopefully this educational tutorial about your vehicle will save you a lot of trouble, time and money!

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Most troubleshooting shown applies to the last 10 to 20 years Mercedes-Benz models, but you have to check with your own car the compatibility. In case if the problem isn’t solved by using our methods, please consult with your local Mercedes-Benz Service Department.

You can jump directly to any of 7 problems here:

  • 00:00 Mercedes Problem #7 – Keyless Go Fail;
  • 02:18 Mercedes Problem #6 – Dislocated Mirror;
  • 03:02 Mercedes Problem #5 – Paint Code ID;
  • 04:46 Mercedes Problem #4 – Windows Synchronization;
  • 05:40 Mercedes Problem #3 – Secret (Engineering) Menu;
  • 09:32 Mercedes Problem #2 – Sunroof Synchronization;
  • 11:35 Mercedes Problem #1 – USB, SD Card Video Failure.

22 Replies to “TOP 7 Mercedes Problems – You Can Fix Yourself! | Tips & Tricks”

  1. Hi, Love your videos, some really great and surprising info available. Very helpful. Question for you….my 2020 GLC300 wireless charger for my iphone won’t work. Is there a setting that you know of that I could change?

    1. First of all, not every iPhone has wireless charging. Can you charge it wirelessly anywhere else? Secondly, make sure it lays flat on a wireless pad, and some phone cases may need to be removed. And third, are you able to charge any other phone? If not, check all your fuses, replace them if needed.

  2. We are an outfitter on the MB Metris cargo vans. We have had a reoccurring problem where the flip down backup camera gets stuck open and wont retract (camera works fine). We haven’t really done anything to these vans yet other than disconnect the battery. Cables all look good, connectors are connected. Any advice?

    1. Hard to say for sure, but first, check for any obstructions around the camera. Secondly, try to open/close the camera via settings inside the radio head unit and see if it works. Also, it can be out of sync electronically. You may need a Mercedes dealership to update the software, which is a good idea not only for the camera but also for the whole vehicle.

  3. trouble with the easy entry/exit feature. does not fully retract seat or steering wheel. any hints for adjusting?

  4. 2021 A220, (6th mercedes) frequently and without a discernable pattern, the clock displays the incorrect time. The greatest delta was 2hrs and 22 minutes ahead. The deltas are random ahead and behind, and the time does reset automatically to the correct time after a shutdown/restart (store visits, fueling….), but overnight or weekend it comes up wrong again. We have manually set the time 6 times now, but it still isn’t operating right. Very puzzling.

    1. The time should be automatically picked up through the Navigation system. You only need to select the time zone. Navi usually displays the normal time and arrival time to your destination – ETA, so make sure you’re looking at the right time. If your car doesn’t have the Navi – then you can set it manually. Anyway, your car is brand new and under full warranty. So I would show it to any Mercedes Dealership service department for a diagnostics since it doesn’t cost anything

      1. Copy all. Was hoping not to have to deal with the dealership, I’ve always had better results figuring out the unusual issues with help like yours

        1. But if the clock unit is defective – it can be just replaced at no cost. This is not something we can figure out. Maybe just need a replacement. Or sometimes the vehicle’s software update can fix it all. Take advantage of your warranty.

  5. Have questions about 2000 Mercedes Benz e320. After replacing transmission mount. While driving I here rough whistling sound from transmission. Couple days go by, while driving car only goes 20 mph and RPM goes up to 30mph. Have pullover and restart car.

    1. Make sure your transmission has the right level of transmission fluid. Refill if necessary. If not, check your local transmission shop, or maybe local AAMCO shop, so they can do a diagnostics.

  6. Hi sorry don’t think iam on right page, but was wondering is there a way I can keep eml light off I had a nox sensor problem my garage changed sensor then a week later it came back on with the same fault the owner of garage is a friend so I know he put a new sensor in iam selling car but don’t want buyer thinking I have conned them thank you

    1. Wow, it would be easier if you could use commas and periods in the sentences you write. I had to read a few times to understand. Because it looked like you had a problem with the garage sensor and it was the fault of the owner of that garage. Lol! Anyway, if you have a “check engine” light – it means you still have some kind of different problem than the one you already fixed. Many times, the problem is with the fuel cap itself. If the fuel cap doesn’t close tight – it may throw the check engine light on. I would have your mechanic check the cap and maybe other causes of the fault.

  7. I have tried multiple times to program my keyless go remote to open only the driver door while keeping the other doors locked but it does not seem to work. I hold down both lock/unlock until light on remote blinks – as instructed – but still all doors unlock. Thanks in advance for any help!

    1. Try to do it standing closer to a door handle, press both lock and unlock buttons and HOLD for about 6 sec. until light flashes twice.

      1. Did exactly that (multiple times) – still all doors unlock. I even tried replacing the battery in the key fob. So frustrated.

        1. Do you have a 2nd key fob? If you have the same problem with the 2nd key, then you need to show your car to your local MB dealer service department. If the 2nd key works fine, then you may have a problem with your 1st smart key.

  8. hi there
    just stumbled on your video and your explainations are great
    i have a question
    can we update older mercedes( 2014, e350, with collission mitigating system or automatic braking?
    thanks in advance

    1. Even if it was possible, you would need to replace so much in your car, that it would be less expensive just to trade-in your current vehicle for the new one – with all the new technology.

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