Can your car GLIDE? Mercedes Gliding Mode Demo… STOP wasting gas and START saving $$$!

How to glide a Mercedes while the engine is turned off, where you waste zero gas and zero money! Can your car glide? I’m driving over 80 mph, and my RPM is 0! This means my vehicle’s engine is turned off completely! I’m driving at high speed while my car is totally turned off. I’m wasting zero gas right now! Crazy!

On older cars, it used to be very easy. The car used to be just a big piece of metal, with 4 wheels underneath and the stick shift in the middle. So it used to be possible, especially when you go downhill.

But nowadays, if you turn off your car while driving – you will be in the world of trouble. You would immediately lose your power steering, power brakes, transmission, and all your computers will be gone. You would lose control of your car in a few seconds. No matter what you do, DO NOT turn off your car while driving!

Fortunately, right now, some cars offer you the ability to glide… without turning the vehicle off… If you’d like to go directly to the points of interest of the video, you can click directly on the timestamps below:

  • 00:00 Mercedes Gliding Demo;
  • 01:00 Car Gliding vs. Bird’s Gliding;
  • 05:41 Vehicle Gliding Explanation;
  • 07:38 Mercedes Dynamic Select Eco Activation;
  • 11:07 Mercedes Gliding Street Test Drive;
  • 11:44 Mercedes Gliding on Freeway Traffic;
  • 12:34 Mercedes Gliding in Light Traffic;
  • 13:55 Mercedes Gasoline Consumption Display;
  • 14:51 Mercedes Gliding on High Speeds;
  • 15:20 Mercedes Gliding Statistics;
  • 16:47 Mercedes Gliding Pros and Cons;
  • 17:47 Mercedes Gliding in Individual Program;
  • 18:03 Mercedes Glide Mode Requirements;
  • 18:25 Two types of Gliding Mercedes models;
  • 19:10 What Can Prevent the Glide Mode?
  • 19:35 Frequently Asked Questions Answered;
  • 22:31 Question of Today!

Watch Mercedes Dynamic Select tutorial here.

5 Replies to “Can your car GLIDE? Mercedes Gliding Mode Demo… STOP wasting gas and START saving $$$!”

  1. I love all your videos, absolutely so helpful! Those little things that I need to bring to dealer that will cost me thousands of $$ fix, you uncover all. Now, the reason I stumble upon your videos is because I went to Youtube to look for a way to change the temperature from “Celsius to Fahrenheit” in the dashboard and climate control. I bought my car and originally from Canada. Now I am confused on what is the weather outside in the US and the temperature setting for the climate control. HELP!! Do you have a video on this? I have a 2015 C Class

  2. Is this Gliding feature same as the engine start and stop feature we have in the car, just for difference it works while the car is moving ?

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