Make your car SMART! Step-by-Step GUIDE.

Wireless Android Auto, Wireless Apple Airplay CarPlay, Google Maps, Waze, OsmAnd, Google Play store, Netflix, USB player, Smartphone mirroring, and much more – you can add all these to your car… without any installation!

Watch in 4k Hi-Resolution

*** IMPORTANT! This works only in vehicles equipped with an original Apple CarPlay function, even if you don’t use it (for example, if you have an Android smartphone.)


  • 00:00 Multimedia Video Box Demo;
  • 01:47 Part1: Setup, Basic Operations, Mobile Hotspot, Public WiFi;
  • 10:32 Part 2: Google Login, Vehicle Position, Optional GPS antenna, Maps;
  • 15:46 Part 3: Google Voice Assistant, Google Play Store, Internet Browser, Games;
  • 23:51 Part 4: How to watch YouTube and Netflix in your car;
  • 29:13 Part 5: Mirror Smartphone to your car, Android Casting, Apple AirPlay, SmartView;
  • 34:14 Part 6: Bluetooth Setup, Telephone, Texting, Alternatives;
  • 38:34 Part 7: Navigation Options, Wireless Android Auto, Waze, OsmAnd;
  • 52:01 Part 8: USB Audio Video, Music, Podcasts, Navigation Integration, Entertainment Apps;
  • 55:53 Part 9: How to use Multimedia Box without internet, or slow data connection?
  • 58:19 Part 10: Erasing Apps, Clear Memory, Security Steps, Remote Assistant;
  • 01:00:46 Part 11: Multimedia AI Box Review – Pros and Cons!


7 Replies to “Make your car SMART! Step-by-Step GUIDE.”

        1. It was optional. The only way to say is to connect any iPhone and see if it plays, or get an original build-sheet from any MB dealer and see if Smartphone integration is listed there.

  1. Thank you for your tutorial. Please teach me how to erase the “insert media” that keeps coming back. Instead of the mileage the “ insert media” keeps coming back. I need help. Please help me. I’m desperate!

    1. You need to change the menu inside your instrument cluster from Navigation to Trip. You can do it by using the left side buttons of your steering wheel. Hit the HOME button, and then scroll left and right to display the trip.

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