Mercedes Augmented Reality 🔴 Full Demo | Pros & Cons Review!

Mercedes MBUX “Augmented Reality” Video for Navigation! This review demonstrates how to setup and use the “Augmented Video” in the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which is an optional feature and can be added to the most MBUX equipped models for just about $300. This review is based on the real life demo, while discussing the Pros and Cons of that system. If you’re undecided about getting this feature for your car, then this video is for you!

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Have you heard of the new Mercedes Augmented Reality video for Navigation? This feature is very cool, but from a practical point of view, Augmented Reality Video has no value! You don’t really need it. In other words, this navigation can guide you from point A to point B with… or without this feature. It doesn’t add any extra functionality.

Actually, it can be very distractive!

In the previous Mercedes models, the multimedia screen was raised slightly above the dashboard. So, when I was looking at the screen, my eye-level was still aligned with the road ahead. My side vision was still on the road ahead of me, and it wasn’t that all distractive.

Now, these new Mercedes models equipped with this new MBUX system have much bigger and nicer screens. But! They are sitting much lower in the dashboard. So, if you want to peek at the multimedia screen, especially if you like to sit higher, you have to take your eyes off the road – with almost zero-side vision!

Basically, the Augmented Reality video is not something that you need, it’s something that you may want! But the good thing – it’s only about $300 for the most models. At this price range, this feature doesn’t make a big difference compared to the overall vehicle price. So you may as well get it!

The big advantage of this feature is you can definitely impress your friends and relatives! “Look what I’ve got!”, “Can you believe this?”, “No I can’t!”, “Wow!”, “I’ve never seen anything like that ever before in my entire life!” … and that will happen!

However, there are a few more serious advantages that come from having this feature in your car:

Firstly, in some 2021 Mercedes models you can get a Dashcam recorder, which is a brand-new option. The only way you can get it… if you have Augmented video in the 1st place. You will not be able to get a dash-cam without it!

Secondly, it can add value to your car when you decide to sell this car in the future – as a “Wow” factor! You can also jump directly to the subject of your interest here:

  • 00:00 Mercedes Augmented Reality for Navigation;
  • 00:26 Mercedes Augmented Reality Settings Setup;
  • 01:16 Mercedes Augmented Reality Voice Control;
  • 01:45 Mercedes Augmented Display Demo;
  • 03:45 Mercedes Augmented Reality – Cons;
  • 04:55 Mercedes Augmented Reality – Pros;
  • 07:26 Mercedes Augmented Reality Destination;
  • 08:09 MBZ Master Question of Today.

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  1. Still no news about the dashcam feature in Cla 2019 (c118). It’s so frustrating that such a simple thing can not be installed afterwards.

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