$2,720,000 Mercedes-AMG “One” | Project One Hypercar Explained | The short story!

The production of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar is entering a new stage in August 2020, at the Technology Center – Immendingen, Germany. A couple of models are getting ready to perform their first hot-laps. For the first time, the hybrid power unit is tested, which supposed to output more than 1,000 hp!


But first, let’s go back to September of 2017 and take a peek at the Frankfurt Auto Show, where there was an AMG Project ONE World Premiere. And let’s listen to the Head of the Mercedes-Benz – Dr. Dieter Zetsche. (translate) “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the first Hypercar by Mercedes-Benz. Here is the Mercedes-AMG Project One!”

So, you may ask: “What’s so special about this car?” Well, it’s a first ever Formula 1 hybrid vehicle that will be street-legal! Can you imagine yourself driving Formula 1 on the street as your daily car? I sure can! Where do I get one?

But wait! We have just a little problem over here. It cost a whopping $2.72 million dollars! Nothing crazy… If you add tax and license – you’re right about $3 millions – all in. Yeah, I guess it’s a little out of my budget for a “daily driver” like that.

Mercedes only planned 275 units to be made. I mean, how many people will commit to spend that much on a car? Right? Wrong! All 275 units were sold almost instantly. In fact, a lot more people wanted it, but sadly Mercedes declined to increase the production, in order to keep its exclusivity.

This Hypercar development began back in 2017… and maybe will be finished in 2021, but all the money already spent 3 years ago! Wow! Makes a lot of sense…

Let’s listen to Tobias Moers, explaining the technology. The “Mercedes-AMG Project ONE” was driven on stage by 3-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, he is the face of the entire project!

“Is there anything to compare to?” “No!” answered Tobias Moers, the chairman of Mercedes-AMG.

Now let’s fast forward to October 2018 Paris Motor Show. Mercedes announced the name of the future Hypercar, and now it’s called “Mercedes-AMG ONE”, dropping the word “Project”. Logically, the name “One” references to the top-of-the-line model in the entire Mercedes AMG portfolio of all the models combined.

Almost 2 years followed with the high pace of engineering and testing. And now let’s go back to August 2020 to see the leaked footage of the first actual camouflaged test drives.

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