2021 Mercedes Models Dashcam Availability Details!

(UPDATED ON 10/14/2020)

Since the introduction of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) entertainment systems for the many different 2020 Mercedes-Benz models, a lot of owners found the very puzzling “Dashcam” control inside their car, while the actual dashcam (Video Recording Option) was nowhere to be found! And the obvious question arose: “Where is the dashcam of my Mercedes and how do I use it?”

Mercedes Dashcam
Mercedes Dashcam!

Well, while we can only speculate here at MBZMaster.com, it looks like the dashcam was in hiding due to some unexplained legal issues. While it’s perfectly legal to use a dash cam inside the vehicle in the United States, it actually carries a very little weight in the court of law. There are too many Speilbergs, Tarantinos and whole lot of small -time video producers who can easily alter your dash cam footage into something completely different than what really happened, and then go figure!

However at the same time, the video recording inside your car can be helpful if it aligns with all other aspects of the legal case! Sometimes the recording can be useful for some other needs than just the recording of an actual accident, but sometimes not. Make sure NOT to get a dash cam if, for example, you are going to cheat on your wife or maybe husband! Definitely that video recording is not going to help you at all!

So starting with some 2021 models, Mercedes will roll out the Dashcam as an optional equipment. For people who don’t know, Dashcam stands for: “Dashboard Camera”, which you can use to video record your driving, and what’s going on around you. Some initial models to include the Dashcam – (21U) option are 2021 Mercedes E, A, CLA, CLS, GLA, GLC, GLS, GLB-Classes and GLE SUV. Probably some other models will follow in 2022.

At the time of the writing of this article, we assume that in order to get this Dashcam, you would need the “Augmented Video” for Navigation – (U19) option as a requirement. Simply because Augmented Video already incorporates the front camera, and it would be crazy not to use it! Then the footage can be saved apparently either via an internal hard drive (HDD) or simply via an external USB stick.

What is Mercedes Augmented Video for Navigation?

Instead of using the simple map on the Navigation display like every other car, MBUX uses this feature to display the real road in front of you, by using the front dashcam camera. Then MBUX uses it’s Navigation animation overlay layer to display the guidance! How cool is that? You can watch the demo of Augmented Video for Mercedes Navigation here.

Now the fun part begins here: In order to get “Augmented Video” you must get “Multimedia Package” – (DA5), which is part of it. And in order to get the Multimedia Package, you have to get the “Premium Package” – (DP1) for a reason that you need to have two 10.25″ display screens. Thank you Mercedes – for being so complicated!

So when someone tells you that the Mercedes Dashcam is just about $200 bucks, let’s try to sum everything up and see the reality:

  • Mercedes Dashcam (21U) -$200;
  • Multimedia Package (DA5) – $1,150;
  • Augmented Video for Navigation (U19) – included;
  • Premium Package (DP1) – $1,700
  • The TOTAL you just climbed into – $3,050 (!)

At that point you have to ask yourself 2 questions:

  • Do I really need a $3k dash cam?
  • Can I find about 10 times less expensive one?

And the answer is: if you are getting Multimedia or Premium package anyway – then it makes sense. Otherwise, you should be able to find any aftermarket dash cam for a lot less, unless money is not an object!

What about the previous Mercedes models?

We can not say for sure at this time, but we can logically assume that any previous Mercedes-Benz vehicles that have been already equipped with “Augmented Video” (U19) option – will be retrofittable to obtain the Dashcam video recording functionality. We’ll post updates as soon as we know! And also don’t forget that every Mercedes already comes with the Event Data Recorder, and you can watch our video about it right here: in-vehicle Event Data Recorder (EDR) – The Dreaded Black Box.

93 Replies to “2021 Mercedes Models Dashcam Availability Details!”

  1. Are there dealers reading this topic? Do you perhaps have the new parts in house for the 21u dashcam. I do not have the option u19.

    1. I was messing about and had to reset my mbux and suddenly when I checked my account the dashcam option for $300 CAD was there! Previously did not have this, going to try it out!!

  2. Any updates on when they will release the dash cam software for the 2020 GLE 450. I was told at the end of this year. I know they will charge a fee. I have augmented reality etc.

    1. As you can read from some of the comments above, it’s already available in some countries, but in the U.S. it’s delayed for total clearance. I think it should be available very soon. I plan to make a video to compare to some other aftermarket ones, so stay tuned!

  3. Hi Asif and all, I have a B250E with Premium package DP1, Augmented reality U19 and DA5 so I believe I just need “Fresh Up 3” according to Mercedes Me. My software level is apilevel/ntg6/081 and in my activated licences it says Dashcam deactivated on the build date 04/11/2021 by diagnostics. So do you know how the MB service centre can refresh my Mercedes Me Store so it includes Dashcam Feature for me to buy? I guess rerun Diagnostics? They do not seem to know or care? Please help

  4. I had my 2020 GLE 450 serviced at the dealer and they told me the dashcam feature is planned as an over the air retrofit option later this year is you have Augmented Reality Video Camera (SA code U19). The dealer showed me the MB bulletin which was dated April 2021.

    1. It was supposed to be a lot sooner, at the time when I wrote this article but was delayed due to the pandemia. Also, the Dashcam is not a free option, so there will be a cost if you decide to buy it.

    1. You can see some comments above that it’s already available in the UK. It should be available shortly in North America as well.

      1. Yes, saw the UK stuff, just can’t wait for it here! Btw, really appreciate the YouTube videos you do, thanks

  5. i paid my £200 yesterday, tried it out the Dashcam today all seems to work.
    However I can’t play the recordings back on my Win 10 laptop, any suggestions for a viewer to use on Win 10 ?

  6. I have a MB GLC300 2020 with camera and augmented reality and the option to start camera is currently deactivated, I also have on the MMe app the option to buy the dashcam app but it’s “not yet available on Playstore ” I hope it’s coming soon!!! #canada

    1. The built in dashcam was made available yesterday in the UK at one of activation fee of £200. Other countries no doubt will follow

      1. One can only hope that in Canadian dollars it’s not a straight currency exchange meaning $340. Can’t see many owners using that unless it’s lifetime payment

          1. That’s still 200 too much when you think about it!
            Does it have rear view camera recording as well?

  7. If 2021 GLC has the DA5 Multimedia Package (with has Augmented Video) and the DP1 Premium Package, could the dashcam be added after the fact at dealer or something? I’m unclear on this. Vehicle also has P47 Surround View System as assume it uses front camera.

    1. Oh finally watched another of your video’s showing the augmented reality camera is what is used for dashcam. So surround view I guess does not matter.

      1. Correct, you need an Augmented Video to add a dashcam option. However, there are tons of aftermarket dashcams that you can add to your car. I’m planning to review some of them, so stay tuned! You can get my updates by subscribing to my channel.

  8. Hi just wondering if there is any updates on dashcam for canada?
    Have a 2021 glc 43 factory order coming in september, have all the needed options on the car just wondering if it is activated from factory now in 2021.


    1. Did you order your car with an option “21U” – Dashcam? If yes, then you will have a fully functional Dashcam on your car.

  9. Dat vind ik best raar want als je nu een cla gaat configureren wordt je de dashcam-optie gewoon aangeboden voor €242. Dus als het waar is wat je zegt…betaal je voor de dashcam, maar het wordt niet vrijgegeven???

    1. Beste Souf,
      Ik had de optie Dashcam werkt over dezelfde camera die gebruikt wordt voor het Augmented Reality camera boor navigatie.
      De dashcam moet telkens handmatig worden gestart bij iedere autorit en heeft ook geen parkeerfunctie. Mercedes meldde mij dat het vanwege regelgeving zo is dat de dashcam niet automatisch mag starten en dat de parkeerfunctie niet mag worden gebruikt. Ik ga zelf nu een dashcam van Carcam laten inbouwen die geïntegreerd is in de spiegelkap . Deze camera is ook nog eens 4k en die van Mercedes maar 3k.
      Beter iets meer betaald voor een
      Dashcam die wel alle functies heeft en werkt. Je mag mij ook mailen op: ohima@ziggo.nl

  10. Hi Souf,
    Mercedes wil deze optie niet vrij geven. De Dashcam optie bij Mercedes werkt maar beperkt en zal niet worden aangepast om moverende reden.
    Je kunt beter op de site van carcam kijken, deze heeft ook dashcams voor Mercedes die onzichtbaar wordt ingebouwd.

  11. Hi,

    I have ordered my cla sb in November and it is probably going to be delivered in March. At the time of the order the U21 was not available as an option. When I go to the configurator now, it is available! So do you have any updates now? I live in The Netherlands.

    1. Hi Souf,
      You can still order the dashcam U21 option by your dealer.
      They can change your order untill 1 month before the build the car.
      If you need more info mail me. I live also in the Netherlands.

      1. Thnx man! But it’s probably to late right now as I’m expecting it within 2 weeks hehe…I hope it’s just an activation which can be done afterwards…

  12. Just got an E450 with the U21 factory installed dashcam. The only way I can record is if I manually start recording each time I start the car. In other words, it will not automatically record when I start the car. MB tells me that laws prevent them from offering the auto start feature. Doesn’t make sense to me because every aftermarket dashcam I see offers this feature.

    I’ve seen Youtube videos in which this feature is enabled on the MB menu…but not ony car.

    Does anyone know what the legal issue is?
    Will it be offered later?

  13. Can you please provide an update on this for those with U19? How to license Dashcam?

    New Me Connect app is out, but no store launched like overseas ):

      1. I just sent a certified letter to the MBZ CEO of North America. The letter was signed by his assistant. Lets see if I get a response. This is what I wrote:
        “I am a new customer to Mercedes Benz and am frustrated with the issue of the Dash Cam. I recently purchased a 2020 GLE 450 fully loaded. I love the vehicle. I saved for many years to purchase my first Mercedes. I have tired many times to get an answer from the dealers and I get many different answers. My vehicle according to the screen says the Dash Cam was deactivated on 2/13/2020. I noticed that the same vehicle in the 2021 model has the dash cam for a $200 add on. According to everything I read, my vehicle has all the equipment for the dash cam (including Augmented Reality). I believe its a matter of the software allowing the dash cam to work. I don’t mind paying the additional $200 to activate it. I have attached the screenshot as well as the VIN number of my vehicle. I live in the United States and would love to be able to have the dash cam active. Is there anything Mercedes can do. I know that there are many people who have the same question that I have. I ask you to investigate this out of respect, as I am not complaining. If the 2021 models with the same exact hardware can have it, why can’t the 2020’s. Thank you for your time.”

        1. Very cool! Although you should’ve sent a letter to the CEO of MBUSA. Who is the CEO of North America? Anyway, if your letter makes them come up with a Dashcam app, you’ll be the hero. Please let me know if he responds. It would be interesting to hear. Thank you!

  14. I just took delivery of a fully loaded 2021 AMG 53 GLE Coupe. While playing around with the 9,999,999 features that this car has I came across the DashCam, however the switch is greyed out and doe snot let me turn it on. After reading this post I assume that this will become available in the near future? Hope, wish? I am in the east coast of the US.

  15. I just purchased an E350 which shipped with the $200 “option” for a dashcam. That option was an important consideration. The dealer was not aware that the car came with a dashcam until I showed it to them on the sticker. So, having fooled with the for days, the upshot is that I got the thing to sort of work in that it takes the 2 minute clips -BUT they are just blackscreens. It is the same if I try and show it on a PC or a Mac. The dealer does not what to make of this. I told them that in my opinion there probably needs to be a software update because I have seen videos of this feature working on YouTube. Not too happy at this point.

    1. If your car is a 2021 model and has a 21U option – then your Dashcam should work without any problems. If it doesn’t – then you have a warranty, and your local MB service department should take care of the problem.

  16. My point is: The lack of knowledge of my dealership who did NOT know anything about 21U Dashcam. I made it very clear that feature is what I wanted. I asked for a dashcam capability when I ordered it. However, since they were not knowledgeable and aware that it was available. I am now trying to see if it is just a software upgrade and I will have them update it.
    I don’t like working with incompetent people! Especially after spending this amount of money.


  17. I now have absolute proof (an actual VIN number) of a 2021 GLE 450 which was built and delivered to a dealer in the USA with the Dashcam (21U) installed and functioning in Sep 2020! I am now expecting a call back from corporate Mercedes Manager this coming Monday.

    It is very challenging to get a straight answer with any Mercedes person.

    1. What answer do you expect from Mercedes corporate, when you bought a car without 21U Dashcam option? The Dashcam is optional equipment, it’s not Standard equipment and you bought a car without that feature. But I looked at your build sheet, and it shows that the car is already equipped with U19 – Augmented Reality. So as I wrote in my article, the Dashcam may become available in the future as long as you have AR, but not available right now. By the way, you can watch my video where I demoed the Augmented Reality here.

  18. Hey,

    I got a 2021 GLE 53 Coupe and it has the AR camera but I’m having the same problem with connecting or activating the Dash Cam. Contacted my Dealer and Customer Service in Canada both of which couldn’t give me a direct answer. The dealer said it would cost me another $1000 to get it done but they had no idea about the AR software. Hope this gets resolved soon so I can avoid installing an aftermarket one.

    1. Dashcam option is not available on GLE Coupe, only available on GLE SUV. But if your car is already equipped with U19 – Augmented Reality, as I wrote in my article, the Dashcam may become available in the future as long as you have AR, but not available right now. By the way, you can watch my video where I demoed the Augmented Reality here.

  19. I do not have the 21U nor the DA5 options in my delivered vehicle. It appears they were and are not available on the Mercedes site to do a build.

    My VIN is = 4JGFB5KB1MA320522

    How do I get these options now that I have received my car? I was hoping for just a software upgrade.


  20. I have purchased a 2021 Mercedes GLE 450 SUV. I purchased all the required options! It started being built in Alabama USA on Oct 13, 2020. It arrived at the dealer in Ohio on Oct 17, 2020. I have been asking for a dashcam since day one! The dealer could never answer any questions and had no knowledge of dashcam capabilities. I had to escalate this issue. Finally, I am getting some responses. However, I don’t trust them. They are no telling me that they have to install two separate cameras and all the associated wiring to get me the dashcam capability. I asked why they cannot use the existing cameras. They don’t know. They sent me their installation guide which show how to install a standalone two camera dashcam. Who can I talk to to get a straight forward and truthful discussion? I can send you the PDF of the dashcam installation guide. The title for the installation guide is “Retrofit front and rear Mercedes-Benz Dashcam” dated 12.09.20196.
    It doesn’t make any sense and is very frustrating!

    Thanks for any help on this.

    1. Look at your build-sheet printout from Netstar. If you don’t have it, ask your dealer to print it, or I can run it if you give me the VIN number of your car. There should be code – 21U. If it’s not there – then you don’t have Dashcam option. If it’s there – then you do.

    2. Hello Rob. I too bought the 2021 GLE 350 in october 2020 and i love it. I wanted to install the aftermarket dashcams for front and back and would really appreciate if you could send me the install guide and the PDF that you have mentioned in your post. My email is iak@live.ca – Irfan

  21. I bought a MB CLA 250, it has premium package (DL3) and luxury (PYO), dashcam (21U) and 360 parking cam (P47). Can I activate the augmented video (U19) with a future upgrade?? I think I don’t have the DA5..

    1. I’m not familiar with DL3 or PYO. In order to have Navigation, Augmented Video, and Dashcam – you must have Multimedia package DA5.

  22. I picked up an EQC 21/10/2020 with augmented reality SatNav. I have a dashcam menu in the MBUX. I also have the ME app “DASHCAM”. I asked the dealer if they could switch it on. MB official response, they are currently undergoing field testing in Austria and I will be notified when available. I have since installed my own front & rear cams.

    1. If you have the app, why can’t you use it? Have you tried? What does the license view state regarding the Dashcam, is it enabled or disabled?

  23. I am picking up a 2021 GLC tomorrow (Mercedes was holding it in the dock until this week because they didn’t want to release it too early). We actually ordered it as a 2020 model but cuz COVID it was delayed and then pushed to a 2021 model. I noticed this option in the configurator now and have asked about enabling it but am not getting clear answers just yet. Initially they indicated another camera would be needed but this doesn’t seem to make sense if there already is a camera in the packages we are getting (which are basically every option available). This situation is very strange.

    1. The dashcam has to be added at the time of your order, so add this option, or find one which is already equipped with it. One of the requirements, as I described in this video is Mercedes Augmented Reality. As of right now, there is no update available to be installed afterward. But as I described in this article, MB is working on making it available via over-the-air app installation. We will post an update as soon as it happens. You can stay updated with our updates at our Facebook Fan Page if click on the upper LIKE of the page.

      1. Yes I understood the MB Augmented reality is required. We ordered this already. We just didn’t have the dashcam option. I am already picking up the car tomorrow. It’s not the end of the world if we can’t get the dashcam capability, but based on what I’ve read here, it seems like we have all of the pieces to have the dashcam support, just not the software. However, the dealer seems to be indicating we need this I think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpinGJWAHrY. But your article seems to indicate that this isn’t necessary if we have all the other options (Multimedia Package (DA5), Augmented Video for Navigation (U19), Premium Package (DP1)). We have all of these. So is the dashcam a software or hardware upgrade after that?

        1. You already have all the hardware, so it’s software. The video is for older non-U.S. cars. I’ll post an update whenever this upgrade will be possible, so sty tuned!

          1. I wrote to MBUSA after picking up my car and asked about whether I have the hardware for the dashcam. This was their response:

            “A review of our records indicate this vehicle is not equipped with the dashcam feature (option 21U). As this option requires assembly at the factory, it unfortunately cannot be added once the vehicle has been built.”

            Doesn’t sound like the info in this article is accurate. May want to update to avoid confusion.

          2. My article accurately explains that Dashcam is not available as of right now. The only hardware for the Dashcam to work is a camera, which you already have – if your car is equipped with Augmented Video for Nav, because it uses the very same camera. The recording happens via a USB cable connected to SD Card or a portable hard drive. What you have missing is a “brain” software to control the Dashcam recordings. A person who answered your letter is a simple non-technical clerk, who reads from what he has, and replies accordingly. There is no guarantee that Dashcam will ever work, but I think it should be available at some point as I described in my article. If you need it ASAP, you can find tons of the aftermarket accessories on the market today.

  24. I have a 9/20 build 2021 GLE 63 S and I had my dealer research it in depth. There is nothing they can do on their end software wise to activate the dash cam right now. They contacted Merc and they gave a standard answer of it will be available in the configurator for the 2021 GLE which basically does nothing for me. They had no information on adding one to an existing model. Mercedes is making a huge mistake not making this a purchasable option for owners who have the hardware. for future availability.

    1. It looks like Dashcam is an available option on the 2021 GLE SUV, but not on the GLE Coupe. Do you have GLE – SUV or Coupe? Also, is your car equipped with Augmented Reality?

      1. SUV. We looked at the 2021 GLE AMG SUV order screen and 21U is still not listed as one of the options as of 3 weeks ago. I have MBUX with Augmented Reality. You can clearly see the physical Dashcam and I can go into the settings and it says deactivated. I was going to install a Blackvue but the dealer told me to keep waiting and hopefully they’ll be a software patch but as of now there is nothing out there from Mercedes on activating existing ones. The only thing I can think is the AMGs were released before the regular 2021 GLEs which still hadn’t hit lots as of 3 weeks ago.

        1. Also. I did not think to have him look at a 2021 non-AMG GLE SUV when we were on the computer. I assume 2021s are at least in the order queue by now

        2. Interestingly, GLE AMG models still don’t have a Dashcam option while the regular GLE’s already have it. I’m pretty sure it will become available in the near future since you already have Augmented Reality. Everything slowed down because of Covid. I’ll post the news as soon as it becomes available. Hit LIKE on our Facebook Fan Page to be notified.

  25. I have a new 2019 A250 hatch with ALL the packages, cameras and hardware etc required for Dash Cam functionality .. and yet no Dash Cam App. The only feature I DON’T have is the integrated garage door opener or the Burmister Audio system
    We called MB Canada who suggested “… would need to be purchased from the dealership… a system that will allow for a Dash Cam”
    So I’m a tad confused… or lets suggest perhaps MB Canada might be the ones whom are confused about the current state of my car.
    I’m pretty sure I just need an APP.. as I already even purchased the USB-C SSD drive I plan to use for the recordings… as mentioned in my vehicle manual… YES, I read it 😉 I SURE hope MB Can. rolls out the Dash Cam App as an OTA update….

    1. MB Canada suggestion is incompetent, unless it’s really different from MB USA. Your car maybe equipped with the Dashcam, but certainly doesn’t have a legal license to use it. Only 2021 models will have the license to use Dashcam app. However, my guess is if you have a previous MB model year, equipped with MBUX system and Augmented Reality option that I’ve shown in this video, then it should be possible to use the Dashcam by purchasing this updated app. As of today, it’s not possible yet. I will post an update as soon as it will become possible. You can see our updates by hitting LIKE on the top of our Facebook Fan page.

      1. Thanks! .. and I should clarify … I was dealing with too many numbers in my head the other day when I posted. My A250 is a 2020 model-year actually, just picked it up 2 weeks ago…not a 2019.. build date however was 08/19. Yeah a pretty silly response from MB Can considering all I’m missing is an App… that’s it. I’m going to repeatedly twist arms at my local MB dealer to see what I can get, and when. Regards M

      2. I have a 2020 GLC300 with the augmented reality camera feature. My user manual describes how to setup the dashcam. However the dashcam feature is not available Mercedes Me & Apps. Seems like MB is not delivering what they promise!

        1. Mercedes models have hundreds of different options and packages. It would be unreasonable trying to make thousands of different owner manuals, based on each individual configuration of each individual car. So, the owner’s manual is the same for everyone. It describes all the features, regardless of your particular vehicle equipment, so you have to check your car whether it has it or not. Dashcam will be available for purchase in the near future if your car is already equipped with Augmented Reality. But the question is if it’s good quality and worth it. I’m planning to make a video about the Pros and Cons, so stay tuned!

  26. I have a Mercedes Benz b200 with a dash cam fitted by Mercedes they will not switch it on is there any way I can switch it on myself it is even in my manual the DashCam I have augmented navigation fitted with the premium plus package

    1. Depending on the country where you live, it may not be approved if it has any legal issues. In U.S., most 2021 models will have Dashcam as an option, because all the legal issues have been finalized. But once it is resolved and approved, then it can be activated at any MB dealership service department.

      1. I live in England and it’s not illegal here as the police ask for dash cam footage regular Mercedes-Benz say I have a dash cam fitted but will not activate it is there anyway I can get it switched on or buy any software that will plug into the OBD2 connector to switching on myself or is it possible to get into the mbux system and do it myself

        1. It’s not illegal to have a dashcam in U.S. either, but I guess they had some issue with the Privacy part of MB system which is cleared by now. Original (non-functioning) dashcam is not possible to activate just yet, but it may change pretty soon. We will update our website as soon as it happens, because there was a lot of inquiries on that subject.

      2. I have a 2021 GLE 53 in order with all the options to support MB Dash Cam. The dealer here in Arizona did not have and or offer the DC option. Can I still get it and or upgrade to activate this DC option?

        1. As I wrote in this article, you can’t activate DC right now, but if your car has an Augmented Reality Video option – the solution (software) may become available in the near future. I will be the first to post as soon as I know. You can follow our updates by hitting both LIKE and FOLLOW on the top of our FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/MBZMaster

      3. Hi
        I have a question for you:
        I bought my 2021 GLE 450 with all the packages besides the dash cam ( I spent the 3$k). Is it possible to buy the dash cam app that I didn’t buy? I bought the car in Canada and I imported it by myself to Israel
        I thank you for your answer (-:

          1. any updates on the this? still not available on app or upgrade option to add on at a dealer to have recording feature without U21 installed?

      4. I asked my dealer to activate my dashcam on a 2020 GLS450 they tried but couldn’t get it to work. HQ says NO, but it just takes an over the air update

    2. hi
      I just bought the dashcam software last week. it cost £200. After installing the software i had another app which says dash cam. I then put 4 gig usb into the cat and dif some test drives. It seems to have put some files on the usb with MP4 extensions. However they will not play on windows 10 or on my Mac. I have contacted Mercedes bue so far no answer. The car is CLA 200 Amg Premium so should work.
      Hope this is of some help

      1. Me too, bought today, run some footage that fies show on the screen but will not play in the car or laptop with or without VLC player,

        1. VLC player on Windows 10 PC allowed me to view my video files. Thanks for the solution !

          Mercedes 21U dashcam in a 2021 E450.
          I also have to start my dashcam manually every time. Very frustrating!

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