2021 Mercedes A-Class – 12 Points Review | Complete Buyers Guide.

Don’t buy A-Class until you watch this review! 2021 Mercedes A220 and A35 AMG are put under the microscope. Before you buy any car or set your foot at the car dealership, make sure to do your homework. This way you come prepared with the total knowledge, and will be able to make an intelligent decision on what to see or what to test drive. In this video I put together the most comprehensive full 12 Points Review of 2021 A220, A220 4Matic and A35 AMG. that you can’t find anywhere online. All you need to know about A-Class… and more!

Should you buy Mercedes-Benz A Class for yourself or your loved ones? The new A-Class is very popular Worldwide due to its low pricing, but not so popular in the United States yet. However the popularity of this most affordable Mercedes model is slowly growing in double digits now, and expected to grow even more. Besides the price you should consider a lot more than just the price itself when shopping for a new car. Safety, Performance and Fuel Efficiency are just to name a few.

This review is full and complete and involves 12 points. If you don’t want to watch the whole video, you can go directly to the point that interests you the most. Here are the direct links below:

  • 00:00 2021 A-Class 12 Points Review;
  • 01:46 Compare A-Class Models;
  • 04:08 Mercedes A-Class Performance Review;
  • 04:26 Mercedes A-Class Fuel Efficiency;
  • 07:37 Mercedes A-Class Size and Dimensions;
  • 08:32 Mercedes A-Class Review of Safety in Details;
  • 11:22 Mercedes A Class Review of Comfort features;
  • 12:47 Mercedes A-Class Body Styles: Base, AMG Line, AMG Night and AMG Aerodynamic;
  • 20:42 Mercedes A220 and A35 Wheels Choice;
  • 21:35 Mercedes A-Class Standard and Optional Equipment;
  • 25:39 Mercedes A-Class Exterior and Interior Color Combinations;
  • 27:41 2021 Mercedes A-Class Changes – What’s New;
  • 28:53 Mercedes A-Class Bottom Line Opinion.

We used some footage under an “editorial purpose permission” from Daimler Global Media.

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