Mercedes A-Class is DISCONTINUED in the U.S!


If you’d like to buy a brand new Mercedes A-Class model, you have to hurry because the days are numbered. Mercedes-Benz USA made another significant decision to discontinue their entry-level A-Class (V177). As a result, the current ‘2022 model year of A220 and A220 4Matic models will no longer be offered, starting with the 2023 model year lineup.

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2021 Mercedes A-Class – 12 Points Review | Complete Buyers Guide.

2021 A-Class

Don’t buy A-Class until you watch this review! 2021 Mercedes A220 and A35 AMG are put under the microscope. Before you buy any car or set your foot at the car dealership, make sure to do your homework. This way you come prepared with the total knowledge, and will be able to make an intelligent decision on what to see or what to test drive. In this video I put together the most comprehensive full 12 Points Review of 2021 A220, A220 4Matic and A35 AMG. that you can’t find anywhere online. All you need to know about A-Class… and more!

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