The FUTURE of Mercedes Wi-Fi Data Plans – BIG CHANGES!

I have some interesting and exciting news about MAJOR Changes of Mercedes Wi-Fi data plans for your car. I know that some of you… don’t even know what I’m talking about right now! But don’t worry, sit back and relax; I’ll explain everything in this short video. But the best part of this new Mercedes Wi-Fi data plan, it’s no longer offered for FREE! Wait… Whaaaaaat?

Watch in 4k Hi-Resolution!

When you buy a brand new Mercedes, it usually comes with free Wi-Fi. Well, sort of! It’s only free when the car is brand new and for a very limited time. Depending on the year and model, it came with a free trial anywhere between 3 to 12 months. It comes as part of “Mercedes Me Connect” services, MMC – for short… Watch full video for the rest.

If you’d like to go directly to the points of interest of the video, you can click directly on the timestamps below:

  • 00:00 Mercedes in-car Wi-Fi Big Change in 2021;
  • 01:23 Mercedes Tele-Aid;
  • 01:36 Mercedes Mbrace;
  • 02:13 Mercedes Me Connect;
  • 03:44 Mercedes partnership with AT&T;
  • 05:00 Mercedes partnership with Deutsche Telekom – T-Mobile;
  • 05:40 2021 Mercedes models equipped with T-Mobile SIM cards;
  • 06:05 Mercedes models prior to 2021 Wi-Fi service;
  • 07:03 Mercedes SIM card over-the-air Wi-Fi update;
  • 07:31 Mercedes Over-The-Air Update Settings;
  • 08:11 How to check Mercedes Data Service Provider;
  • 08:24 How to connect to Mercedes in-car W-Fi Hotspot;
  • 11:21 Connect Mercedes Internet Data via Mercedes-Me-Connect;
  • 11:35 Pros and Cons of Mercedes Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • 13:51 Mercedes Hotspot Drive Web Portal;
  • 15:15 Mercedes In-Car Data Plans Review;
  • 15:58 Mercedes Transition from AT&T to T-Mobile;
  • 17:01 Table of Contents;
  • 18:30 Auto – Translation;
  • 19:31 Question of TODAY!


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  1. a lot of us over here in UK watch your show…very good show. However can you explain what options there are for here. and also is there a UK link for media device you had in other show that played Netflix etc. I would appreciate the help

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