Multimedia Video Box

Watch YouTube, Netflix, and Mirror your smartphone inside your car!

Multimedia Video Box
Multimedia Box Size
Multimedia Box Side

“Add Android OS with Google Play Store to your vehicle!”

Watch User Guide Demo!

Demo on Non-Touch Screen!

*** NEW Model released, supports Android 9, Wireless Apple CarPlay, Multi-Windows, and has an improved performance!*** GET it below!

Price: $319.95



  • FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE!
  • FREE -Both Type-A and Type-C USB cables included with every order!
  • Delivery about 7 business days via DHL or FedEx;
  • 1 Year warranty;
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (product must be returned, shipping cost is not covered);
  • Works in vehicles equipped with Apple CarPlay ONLY!
  • NOT compatible with BMW! Not tested on 2021 AUDI;
  • Have questions? Leave them below YouTube video, in COMMENTS;

If you’re not satisfied with this product, you can get a full refund of $319.95 (shipping cost is not covered), by returning it within 30 days of the purchase to the following address: (please contact me at email for the returning instructions)

Name: Deng Kang Feng

Room 409,
Fuminda Science and Technology Center,
Baoji Road No.16, Bantian Street,
Longgang District,
Shenzhen City
Zip Code: 518116
Country: China

Tel: +8615822077416