THE END of Mercedes Iconic Luxury Style in 2021 E-Class | The Short Review!

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a major face-lift of the current 10th Generation models, which were initially released back in 2017. But one main difference in comparison to all the previous E-Class models is the absence of the Luxury Styling package in the U.S. market!


All the E-Class predecessors from 1920’s plus all 10 Generations have always offered the iconic design of the front grille paired with the three pointed star Mercedes-Benz emblem, standing on the top of the hood. Lately you had a choice between the Sport or Luxury E-Class sedan, where Luxury model is a little higher, comes with softer suspension and with the classic body design.

Starting with 2021 E-Class models that choice is no longer available! The last C-Class with the Luxury styling was available until 2017. So the only current model that actually still offers the luxury design, kept for over the century is S-Class. After E-Class Luxury discontinuation, S-Class is the only model to carry on the legacy.

Watch this video for interesting facts and some historical trends.

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