THE END of Mercedes Iconic Luxury Style in 2021 E-Class | The Short Review!

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a major face-lift of the current 10th Generation models, which were initially released back in 2017. But one main difference in comparison to all the previous E-Class models is the absence of the Luxury Styling package in the U.S. market!


All the E-Class predecessors from 1920’s plus all 10 Generations have always offered the iconic design of the front grille paired with the three pointed star Mercedes-Benz emblem, standing on the top of the hood. Lately you had a choice between the Sport or Luxury E-Class sedan, where Luxury model is a little higher, comes with softer suspension and with the classic body design.

Starting with 2021 E-Class models that choice is no longer available! The last C-Class with the Luxury styling was available until 2017. So the only current model that actually still offers the luxury design, kept for over the century is S-Class. After E-Class Luxury discontinuation, S-Class is the only model to carry on the legacy.

Watch this video for interesting facts and some historical trends.

8 Replies to “THE END of Mercedes Iconic Luxury Style in 2021 E-Class | The Short Review!”

  1. MBZ Master can you provide a list of companies that are offering luxury kits. Could not find any doing a search online. Thanks!!

  2. Been driving Mercedes since 2008. Always the E class luxury model because to me MB is a luxury car. Don’t like the grill star and the sports model. If I wanted a sports car I would go to Alfa or someone like that.

    First, they made the E class look like the C and S. Took away its identity when they lost the twin headlights. Then MB dumbed down their color selection. Now losing the luxury model they have lost my business.

    1. Twin round headlights of E-Class were still one of the best designs. The good thing there are companies that offer the “Luxury” kit to convert 2021 E-Class models.

    2. Thankfully in Ireland one can still purchase the luxury style e class. I have the 2017 luxury style e class. Mercedes will lose my custom if they fail to produce the luxury style in the next generation e class in 2023, W214. The sport style e class looks ugly and it is trying to be a car it is not. BMW 5 series is a sports saloon, E- Class is a luxury saloon, period. Mercedes, please stop trying to emulate BMW in your saloon cars!!

      Sport grille looks well in Mercedes coupes and cabriolet, but not in the e class saloon!

      1. I think this should be a choice for a customer to make, and both styles be offered. Even the high performance AMG models may benefit from both styling as they used to be.

    3. I don’t know if the information about the E class luxury style no longer existing starting 2021 applys only to certain areas, because I just gave my local Mercedes dealer a visit and oh boy was I happy to see the 2021 luxury style E class

      1. 2021 E-Class “Exclusive Line” is still available in some markets like in Central Europe, but no longer in North America and the UK…

    4. I don’t agree with MB losing the luxury grille on C and E class. Find away to add the luxury back to those cars. Everyone doesn’t has a need for sporty looks. Now to have that luxury style cost over $100,000 in the S-class. So not cool. I have 4 MB’s, my dream cars but I love the old grilles as an option.

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