Mercedes GUARD 360 Antitheft Demo, Motion Sensor + Tow Away Detector | NEW Features Explained!

Recently, Mercedes-Benz quietly introduced this new feature, the Guard 360. And it was so quiet that nobody knows about it! It’s not even explained in the Mercedes owner’s manual. Yet, I had well over 100 comments asking me to explain it.

Watch Video in 4k Hi-Resolution!

If you’d like to jump directly to the points of interest, you can click directly on the timestamps below:

  • 00:00 Mercedes GUARD 360-degree Antitheft System;
  • 00:48 Settings of Mercedes GUARD 360;
  • 01:16 Mercedes Interior Motion Sensor;
  • 01:25 Mercedes Tow-Away Protection;
  • 01:30 Mercedes Collision Notification;
  • 02:11 Mercedes Motion Detector Demo;
  • 02:21 MercedesMe App Alarm Notifications;
  • 03:02 Mercedes Collision Detector Demo;
  • 03:14 MercedesMe App QR Code;
  • 03:18 Mercedes MBUX Collision Notification;
  • 03:39 Manage Guard-360 Collision Photos in MBUX;
  • 04:28 Upload Collision Photos into Mercedes Me app cloud;
  • 04:47 Mercedes Guard-360 optional requirements;
  • 05:05 Mercedes Guard 360 limitations;
  • 05:15 Mercedes Guard 360 alternatives;
  • 05:37 Question of TODAY!


4 Replies to “Mercedes GUARD 360 Antitheft Demo, Motion Sensor + Tow Away Detector | NEW Features Explained!”

  1. It was made in Germany to Japanese specs and want to change to European specs so I can download maps etc. In reverse there is also a ping pong noise which I want to get rid of which I gather was a Jap requirement!

    1. Does it have a steering wheel on the right side? You probably need a software update, which can be performed at any MB dealership.

  2. Your videos are brilliant. I have just bought a 2019 B180 which is a Japanese import with MBUX system. Hoping you can tell me how to change from Japanese spec to European?

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