ShockFlo Smart Air Pump Review | Powerful Portable TIRE INFLATOR!

Correcting the tire pressure in your wheels once a month will keep your tires in good health; your driving – in top comfort; and if you’ve seen the gas prices lately, yes, the proper tire inflation will increase your car’s fuel efficiency and save you lots of money on gas!

Watch in 4k Resolution!

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  • 00:00 Why do you need an air compressor at home?
  • 00:54 Problems of using a public air compressor;
  • 02:48 Smart ShockFlo air inflator unboxing;
  • 05:46 Smart ShockFlo car tire pump full demo;
  • 09:14 Smart ShockFlo ball inflator full demo;
  • 10:29 Smart ShockFlo water floats and toys inflator full demo;
  • 11:58 ShockFlo air pump Cons & Pros;
  • 12:27 Smart Portable Air Pump benefits;
  • 13:16 Question of Today.

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