8 More MBUX Quick SHORTCUTS ⏱️ for Mercedes Owners!

Mercedes MBUX Time-Saving Shortcuts that you can start using in your car today! The EXCLUSIVE tutorial demonstrates how you can do the most common tasks with a single touch, swipe, or voice command. If you find the new Mercedes MBUX system very complex, which requires too many steps to perform a single task, you are not alone!


If you’d like to jump directly to the points of interest of the video, you can click directly on the timestamps below:

  • 00:00 Mercedes MBUX Quick Shortcuts;
  • 00:25 Mercedes MBUX Range Voice Command;
  • 01:01 Mercedes MBUX Waypoint Time to Destination;
  • 02:34 Mercedes MBUX Dual Screen Setup;
  • 04:55 Mercedes MBUX Last Destinations Voice Control;
  • 05:50 Mercedes Android Auto Sound Adjustment Settings;
  • 07:33 Mercedes MBUX Map Navigation;
  • 09:13 Mercedes MBUX Call to Favorite Contact;
  • 10:40 Mercedes MBUX System Reset;
  • 11:35 Question of Today!

Watch “7 Quick MBUX Shortcuts”, Watch the “Android Auto” video tutorial.

2 Replies to “8 More MBUX Quick SHORTCUTS ⏱️ for Mercedes Owners!”

  1. I love all your videos, absolutely so helpful! Those little things that I need to bring to dealer that will cost me thousands of $$ fix, you uncover all. Now, the reason I stumble upon your videos is because I went to Youtube to look for a way to change the temperature from “Celsius to Fahrenheit” in the dashboard and climate control. I bought my car and originally from Canada. Now I am confused on what is the weather outside in the US and the temperature setting for the climate control. HELP!! Do you have a video on this? I have a 2015 C Class

    1. It was possible to change on older models, but MB got rid off it about 10 years ago. They program computers, based on the market it is sold…

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