2018-2019 Mercedes AMG GT Class Explained: What’s New and Changes!

All you need to know about 2018 Mercedes-Benz GT Class in one short video. 2018 AMG GT-Class consist of 5 models. 3 coupes and 2 convertible roadsters. GT and GT-S coupes have improved by 13 and 12 horsepower engines. GT-R is completely brand new model. Also there are 2 brand new roadsters GT Roadster and GT-C roadster. Gt coupe has 469 horsepower, GTS has 515 HP and GTR-577 hp! From 0 to 60 mph: Gt – 3.9 seconds, GTS- 3.7 seconds and GTR – 3.5 seconds! Convertible GT has 469 horsepower and GTC has 550 hp. But there is only 0.2 sec difference in the acceleration: 3.9 vs. 3.7 sec.


All 5 models are equipped with AMG 4L V8 hand-built engine. But all differently tuned. So all models have different performance.

Brand new demo of “Panamericana” grille. History footage behind the Panamericana grille goes back to 1952 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing during the race through the Mexican desert.

Demo of 2018 GT Night package, Aerodynamic package, Carbon Fiber package and Carbon fiber 2 package. 3 different available steering wheels. 4 choices of brake color system including ceramic brakes suggestions.

Comparison of 2017 GT vs. 2018 GT. Visual differences. Demo of the fixed rear fixed carbon fiber spoiler and fixed Panorama sunroof with rolling shade inside. AMG track pace app is only available for iPhone, not available for any other operating system OS!

All the changes for 2-Door 2018 AMG GT models also stay unchanged for 2019 GT-Class models. But 2019 GT-Class also offers 4-Door Coupes, which you can see in the visual introduction here: 2019 GT-Class: Visual Introduction

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