What drains your CAR BATTERY in 2021 – you didn’t even notice | 🛑 Tips & Tricks!

Recently, I encountered this problem with one of my customer’s cars. And then, I realized this PROBLEM is WIDESPREAD in 2021, and many of you may have the same issue with your vehicle. Most importantly, you don’t even know that you’re creating this problem by yourself! And it doesn’t matter what make and model of your car. It can happen to any vehicle. In this video, I will explain this problem and how to solve it, because I want to make sure it will never happen to your car!


Let me explain what happened to one of my customers, Steve, who complained about his relatively new car. First, he started to have problems with his SmartKey. He said that the battery inside was dying very fast, and he has never had the key, where you need to replace the battery so quickly. Nobody took him seriously, and they kept replacing his batteries.

But sooner, the bigger problem started to surface! Now the battery of the car was getting weaker as well! Every morning when Steve was starting his car, there was an apparent hesitation to start. During the following 3-day weekend, Steve hasn’t started his car at all. And when he went to start it, after 3 days, his car didn’t start because the battery was dead!

Steve called AAA roadside assistance to jump-start his vehicle, and the guy told him that Steve’s battery is good, but something is draining the juice when his car is turned off. So he decided to bring it to the service department to check it out.

The service technician inspected Steve’s car battery, performed all the tests… and didn’t find any problems. The battery was good, kept the charge, and didn’t show any signs of drainage. $150 later, Steve was on his way home.

After not driving in the next weekend, Steve’s car battery died again. This time he had his car towed to the dealership, complaining about what kind of crap did we sell him?

The service technician inspected Steve’s car battery again, performed all the tests… and didn’t find any problems again. The battery was good, kept the charge, and didn’t show any signs of drainage. But it was dying at the same time! My head was about to explode!

Anyway, I concluded that if nothing drains his battery at the dealership, maybe something drains his battery… inside his house! Maybe there was some kind of ghost, coming at night and drinking all the juice out of Steve’s battery. There must be some kind of explanation, and I decided to visit Steve at his house to investigate what the hell is going on!

Watch the full video on what happened!

You can also skip the video to the parts of your interest directly here:

  • 00:00​ Widespread car problem in 2021;
  • 00:49​ Vehicle SmartKey fob problem;
  • 04:07​ Why does the car battery go down in 2021?
  • 05:18​ How does your car’s SmartKey work?
  • 06:38​ Keyless-Go in the big parking;
  • 06:48​ Keyless-Go battery problems parking at airports;
  • 07:10​ New problem with car batteries;
  • 07:15​ Keyless Go history;
  • 08:03​ Car battery cause of the problem;
  • 08:49​ How to avoid your car’s battery problems?
  • 09:12​ How to disable Keyless Go the easy way?

7 Replies to “What drains your CAR BATTERY in 2021 – you didn’t even notice | 🛑 Tips & Tricks!”

  1. You are the best. My car keys are far from the car and now the problem is solved. Thank you very much.

      1. I watched the video on how to reset Service Engine for oil change. It was very informative. Excellent step by step explanation. Thankyoi.

  2. Very useful hint to prevent battery drainage due to smartkey. I had a similar problem with battery drainage, but mainly due to the alarm system because I use the car only on weekends. So now I relay on the garage for security and I don’t lock the car; result no more problems with battery.

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