🛑 TOP 10 Mercedes Safety Tips… you need to know | PART 1 – Unusual Piece | Tips and Tricks!

Look in the trunk of your Mercedes! It doesn’t matter whether you have a sedan, a coupe, or SUV. Mercedes always includes the toolkit with the white gloves inside the spare tire, for many years. And if you look inside this toolkit, you can find this unusual piece…

That piece may look a little different in your particular model. Sometimes it’s slightly shorter and sometimes a little longer, but it appears pretty much the same.

This video is based on your feedback! It’s based on the comments that you leave below the video – in the comments section. I hand-picked the 10 major mistakes you guys make – 10 mistakes! The questions many of you keep asking repeatedly. We will correct them all in this video.

“Towing Eye” is the 1st. part of the video series – Top 10 Mercedes Safety Tips… you need to know! Enjoy!

You can also skip the video to the parts of your interest directly here:

  • 00:00 Top 10 Mercedes Safety Tips;
  • 00:14 Mercedes Toolkit in the Trunk;
  • 01:16 Mercedes Bumper Small Hidden Compartment;
  • 02:41 Mercedes Towing Eye Demo;
  • 03:32 Mercedes 4Matic Towing Precautions;
  • 04:25 Mercedes Gross Vehicle Weight;
  • 04:50 Disabling Active Brake Assist in Mercedes vehicles;
  • 05:17 Question of Today!


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9 Replies to “🛑 TOP 10 Mercedes Safety Tips… you need to know | PART 1 – Unusual Piece | Tips and Tricks!”

  1. i cant get my clock to set ( analog) and i can get my phone to sync with the car its a 2008 s550 i bought used

  2. I have a 2020 MB GLC300 4Matic SUV which has a feature “Easy enter/ext” which activates the driver seat, steering, rear view mirrors and so on.
    In my vehicle the seat does NOT go all the way to the back.
    How to set the program command to make the seat to go all the way to back while enter or exit then come to the memory set location once the engine started.
    Dealers in San Diego have no knowledge about this setting process
    Could you please advice.

    1. The seat movement feature was disabled on many models during the period of some time, due to some legal issues. I guess some kid got stuck in between the rear seats, while the front seat was moving backward automatically. However this feature was returned after the factory fixed that problem, so maybe your VIN number is one of those units where the seat movement is still disabled. Also, if the seat is already moved almost all the way back, this feature will not work as well.

  3. Your videos are amazing. Thankyou.

    I am considering a Mercedes GLS 450, 2021, but am interested in the off road package in case I ever need the 4-low.

    Do you know if this is available on the 450, or do I need to get the 580.

    Also, as it comes with the undercarriage shielding, will the shielding be a barrier for proper inspection for oil leaks and other problems, and if so, is it hard to remove for the mechanic.

    I could not get answers to these questions by searching the websites.

    Finding a vehicle with this option is somewhat difficult and I may need to order a vehicle to get this option.

    I hope you have a fantastic month.



    1. Gary, you would need to get GLS580 if you want an Off-road package. However, I don’t see a big reason to get that package unless you’re planning to do serious off-roading, or if you live somewhere up high in the mountains. GLS450 4 Matic is good enough and already comes with a plethora of technology for off-roading or bad weather. But if you get it, Underguard shielding will not be a barrier to any inspection.

      1. Fantastic, thanks. Ver helpful. I do live and occasionally work around wintery Mt roads and have used 4-low in the past with trucks. Probably can live without it to save the high cost if the 580.

        May I ask two more important Q’s. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help.

        Do you have any concerns about the e-active body control. I know it costs 6,500. I have a bad neck and back and from what I’ve read it would be a much better place to park some option money than a lot of the cosmetic stuff.

        The concerns could be:

        1. Future cost of repair depending on reliability

        2. Does it work at hwy speeds, or is there a speed limit after which it cuts out?

        3. Will it work at night? Similarly I would assume it won’t work if the cameras are dirty.

        My other Q. is re the option to have an infra-red camera, as I do drive a lot at night where the deer share the road up in N. Nevada. From what I’ve read the option is called “night view assist plus”. However, my impression so far is that it an option for S class cars, but not the GLS. If available, again 450 vs 580? If not available, perhaps with the upgrade in 2024. I quite like driving at night.

        Thank you again and if you had time to reply it would tremendously help me make a final decision on a very large purchase.

        Considering the high cost of this vehicle, once I decide what I really want maybe ordering the vehicle is the way to go.

        Very sincerely

        Gary Seigel

        ps: My wife is still laughing about the owl in the video on the 9 tricks most people don’t know. We should all be reading the owner’s manual instead of watching all the biased news.

        1. I usually don’t recommend buying, I recommend leasing instead. Because the car is not a good investment. But if you want to purchase, I suggest getting an extended warranty at the time of purchase. It would be the least expensive when the car is brand new. I’m going to make a video about car leasing tips and tricks, so stay tuned. You can get my updates on the new releases if you subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/MBZMaster?sub_confirmation=1

          1. Thank you. As I am not in a rush this is an excellent suggestion which I should explore.

            Specifically though, do you feel there’s reliability in the long term for this E-active body control option. I’m not so much concerned about the cost initially, but the probability of future problems and massive repair cost. I know that when an air suspension goes out The vehicle cannot be driven until it is fixed. I know the cost for the regular air suspension and it can be repaired I think at a fair cost outside the dealerships.

            I will look forward to your leasing tips. Would it be fair to say that leasing is better on more expensive vehicles because of rapid deterioration in value, but also the opportunity to jump on new technologies sooner.

            I have in the past occasionally been successful in having the warranty included, and always discounted, negotiated at the last second. Given the enormous cost of the GLS, I’ve already decided this will be part of the deal, along with no doc fee or I walk.

            I remain very appreciative of your time and expertise.

            sincerely again

            Gary Seigel

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