Mercedes Panamericana Grille: The Short Story!

In a last year I made a video about 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-Class. GT was the first and only model to feature the Panamericana grille, so I talked a bit about the history behind that grille.


But a few months after, the new GLC63 Coupe and SUV also came out with the same Panamericana grille. Then a few months after, the brand new 2019 S63 and S65 AMG Coupe and Cabriolet came with Panamericana as well. At that time I predicted that Panamericana grille will be featured across all hand-assembled AMG models. Sure enough, the new G63 also will be equipped with Panamericana. So the next choice was obvious: the new 2019 4-door GT-Class will follow the suit.

Because so many new Mercedes models are getting this fresh grille design, I decided to take the part out of that video, where I was talking about the history of Mercedes-Benz and Panamericana grille and make it as standalone separate video. Especially since the new 2019 Mercedes C63 is moving in the same direction.

The following is an excerpt from MBZ Master video “2018 Mercedes AMG GT Class Explained: What’s New and Changes!”
A lot of people think that Panamericana grille is something new, so I’d like to give you a little bit of history.

Back in 1952. Let’s look at some German magazines back in 1952. You can see 300SL, which was champion of all times and won pretty much everything. All articles were talking about these guys, and if you look closely, you will notice that all this cars had Panamericana grille.

While drivers run through the Mexican desert, they famously hit the vulture, which broke through the windshield and made the driver face bloody. But obviously they didn’t quit and kept going. They had to install the cage on the front windshield to protect against other birds.

But despite all the delays those 2 guys still came first and won the Championship. Name of those guys: Karl Kling and Hermann Lang. This car was placed in the museum, and until now it still has cage on the windshield.

You can watch full video if you’d like here:

What’s your opinion: Do you like the new AMG Panamericana trend? Or what’s your favorite AMG grille? Please let me know in Comments section below!

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This video used some Daimler AG footage for an editorial purpose.

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