How to Use Waze on Mercedes-Benz Full Demo!

A lot of people are asking me: “Is it possible to use Waze on Mercedes-Benz vehicles?”. And the good answer is “Yes, it is possible!”. Today I’m going to show you how to use Waze app using Mercedes-Benz Android Auto.


Waze is a free, community based navigation system. Personally I like Google Maps, but many of you prefer Waze. So this video is for you!

In order to use Waze navigation, you need to go to Google Play Store on your phone and download 2 apps: Waze and Android Auto. This works with any cell phone running on Android OS, and any Mercedes which is equipped with the Android Auto feature. Android Auto feature has been available as an option on some 2016 Mercedes models, most 2017 Mercedes models and almost all 2018, 2019 and up.

If you are not familiar with the Android Auto on Mercedes-Benz, please first watch my other video: “Android-Auto demo on 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class” here:

So just watch above video tutorial on how to connect Waze and use it on any Mercedes-Benz.

16 Replies to “How to Use Waze on Mercedes-Benz Full Demo!”

  1. Ty your videos are very informative and much appreciated.
    I own a MB 2012 E550 cabriolet twin turbo V8.
    My question is I recently had my fuel pumps replaced (Beneath rear seats) and an a authorized MB dealer computer upgrade. The car ran fine for six weeks and now the fuel gauge isn’t working and registers no fuel in the combustion consumption (cluster) and the fuel tank is full. Is there a fuse or a relay somewhere I can check or test I can perform.
    Thank you so much and continue guiding everyone.

    1. Looks like the fuel sensors are not properly attached or properly functioning. Since the fuel system can be a very serious hazard, I wouldn’t recommend DIY. I recommend to visit your local MB service department and let them run the diagnostics.

    1. No, because Android Auto (app you need to use Waze) was created in 2015. 1st Benz to utilize this app came out in 2017. The only way to use Waze on your car is to replace the head unit with something new, perhaps aftermarket.

      1. Thank you for your reply.
        I will look for a new head unit, are the ones from China ok, or should I spend the $$$$$ on a Alpine or Sony?

        1. I’m not familiar with Chinese units, but Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine and Sony should be a good choice. Since your car doesn’t have the standard size, and also you may want to add some other features like cameras, video, navigation, voice control etc… I would recommend to find the installation place first – people who will do the installation, and maybe ask them to recommend you what is best to get. And then do some package deal including the installation. Just make sure to tell them that you want to have both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible head units.

    1. As of right now, Apple iOS 12 Carplay started supporting Google Maps, but not Waze yet. Although Apple is talking about releasing the support for Waze in the near future.

        1. As of right now, you can use Waze only with Google’s Android OS powered phone, by installing both Android Auto and Waze apps. iPhone iOS is not compatible, so the only way you can use Waze if you replace your iPhone with any smart phone running Android OS.

          1. iOS 12 to be released in September will allow both Waze and Google Maps to run on CarPlay

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