7 MBUX Quick SHORTCUTS ⏱️ for Mercedes Owners!

Mercedes MBUX Time-Saving Shortcuts that you can start using in your car today! The EXCLUSIVE tutorial demonstrates how you can do the most common tasks with a single touch, swipe, or voice command. If you find the new Mercedes MBUX system very complex, which requires too many steps to perform a single task, you are not alone!

Watch Video in 4k Hi-Resolution!

If you’d like to jump directly to the points of interest of the video, you can click directly on the timestamps below:

  • 00:00 Mercedes MBUX Time-Saving Shortcuts;
  • 00:51 Mercedes MBUX Quick Phone Call Shortcut;
  • 02:20 Mercedes MBUX Go to Favorite Address Shortcut;
  • 04:53 Mercedes MBUX Voice Command Shortcut Switch To;
  • 06:58 Mercedes MBUX Share Destination Via QR Code Shortcut;
  • 08:34 Mercedes MBUX Navigation Home and Work Voice Command Shortcuts;
  • 10:17 Mercedes MBUX Dual Voice Control;
  • 12:14 Mercedes MBUX Navigate to Contact Voice Clarification!


Watch “TOP 10 Mercedes Don’ts” here: https://youtu.be/xr-pvouO6ms

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