The TRUTH about Mercedes EQ Electric Vehicles 🛑 Pros & Cons!

Mercedes EQ Electric Vehicles Pros and Cons – a comprehensive deep-dive review of EQE, EQS, EQB, EQC, and EQA, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as EV vehicles in general! Many people say that electric cars have good performance, they save money since you don’t have to pay for gas, and they are good for the environment since they have less pollution! Well… let’s take a look!

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  • 00:00 Mercedes EQ-Line Pros and Cons;
  • 00:41 Mercedes EQ Part 1: The Cons;
  • 01:17 Mercedes EQ Recharging vs. Refueling;
  • 04:38 Are electric cars good for the environment?
  • 05:34 Electric Car anxiety;
  • 08:18 Taking extra care of the electric car battery;
  • 09:40 Electric Cars during unexpected events;
  • 11:12 Is electric power FREE for EV?
  • 12:12 Future cost and demand for EV electricity;
  • 13:32 Mercedes EQ battery replacement cost and future resale value;
  • 14:15 What affects an electric car Driving Range?
  • 17:22 Mercedes EQ charging errors headache;
  • 18:22 Electric Vehicles Customer Satisfaction and Dependability index;
  • 19:56 Mercedes EQ Part 2: The Pros;
  • 20:03 Electric Vehicles save money;
  • 21:16 Mercedes EQ models offer 2 years of free charging and maintenance;
  • 22:09 Electric Vehicle Anxiety? Really?
  • 22:38 Electric Car Performance advantages over gasoline-powered cars;
  • 23:19 EV Federal Tax breaks and local incentives;
  • 23:46 Mercedes EQ vs. Tesla;
  • 26:34 The Future of electric-powered cars;
  • 27:56 Question Of Today!

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  1. Do you know of an exact date when Mercedes will release the CAS to NCAS adapter so we can use the Tesla superchargers? Thanks.

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