Disable Mercedes STOP-and-GO ⛔ MBito!

How to disable the Stop-And-Go Eco feature in your Mercedes? If you don’t like the Mercedes Stop-N-Go feature, you can turn it off by pressing the A-button. But the problem is, you have to do it every time you start your car! And who’s going to remember that? Well, I have a SOLUTION!

  • 00:00 How to disable Mercedes Stop-n-Go feature;
  • 00:46 Connecting MBito Gadget to your Mercedes;
  • 01:56 MBito Smartphone App;
  • 04:38 Using MBito to add Memory to your Mercedes;
  • 07:30 Brief Overview of MBito for Mercedes;
  • 12:39 Question of TODAY!

2 Replies to “Disable Mercedes STOP-and-GO ⛔ MBito!”

  1. does this app turn on the dashcam feature in my 2020 gle 450? I have the augmented reality feature which uses the camera and the MBUX system.

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