5 Hidden Mercedes Tricks 💥 You Didn’t Know About!

Discover 5 easy-to-follow tips for Mercedes owners to make the most of their car’s often-overlooked features. Based on frequently asked questions, these tips are guaranteed to enhance your driving experience.

Watch in 4k Hi-Resolution!
  • 00:00 Mercedes Hidden Tips and Tricks;
  • 00:54 Mercedes Mysterious Gas Cap Holder;
  • 02:09 Mercedes Gasoline Filler Tip;
  • 03:30 Mercedes Kinetic Seats without Massage Demo;
  • 07:30 70mai Dashcam short Review;
  • 08:39 Correct Mercedes Tire Pressure;
  • 09:47 Tire Inflators Recommendation;
  • 10:03 How to control Mercedes Passenger Seat using R button;
  • 11:41 Question of Today!

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