Mercedes-Benz 🔴 Event Data Recorder | The Dreaded Black Box!

Do you know if your Mercedes is equipped with the Black Box? Recording stuff? Well, the answer is YES and NO! To debunk the rumors of the theory that Big Brother is watching you all the time inside your car, I decided to make this short video about the dreaded Mercedes-Benz Event Data Recorder!

Historically, Mercedes-Benz always has been at the forefront of the research and development of the various active and passive safety systems. Mercedes has a record of over 70 years of crashing cars based on different situations, different sizes, different weights and angles. And I’m talking about whole lotta destroyed Mercedeses! Mercedes-Benz safety features are legendary, but the question still remains: What actually happens during the actual crash?

Watch video above as I’ve shown a real life example of the one particular car accident between Lisa, Scott and Doug. And how Lisa used the Event Data Recorder from her Mercedes to her advantage! Then I also explained how the Event Data Recorder actually records data, and how private the privacy is!

If you still have any questions after watching, please ask in the comments below.

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We used some footage under an “editorial purpose permission” from Daimler Global Media.

14 Replies to “Mercedes-Benz 🔴 Event Data Recorder | The Dreaded Black Box!”

  1. hi there. I need some help. my dad was killed by a drunk driver who knocked him down at some speed. the police are currently investigating right now. But unfortunately can’t get anyone to get the info from the black box. My family and I are desperate for this information to get justice. Can you/or do you know anyone that can get this information? Thank you

      1. Not true. At least not in Florida. MB of Sarasota, where I purchased the car, didn’t know what an EDR is. I contacted MB corporate and was informed only law enforcement can request the EDR data. Who do I believe?

        1. It can be requested by your lawyer, law enforcement, or you… only if needed. But if requested, the data has to be extracted by your authorized MB dealership. And if they don’t know what EDR is… maybe you need to contact another dealer who knows their stuff.

  2. I need your help in streaming audio from my Andiod phone through blue tooth. Now I can use it for phone calls only

    1. Depending on the year and model, you can generally do it through MEDIA button, where you can add Bluetooth Device. I’m working on the series of Owner Manual videos, and will demo how to do it in one of them. So if you subscribed to my YouTube channel, you’ll be notified. Thank you!

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