2019 Mercedes E 53 AMG Review of Changes: What’s New and Updates!

2019 Mercedes-Benz E53 AMG model is replacing 2018 E43 AMG model. The first difference that you can see from the previous model year is the strikingly different hood with the twin power-domes, following by the new design for 20″ inch AMG wheels.


The next very obvious difference is the new rear exhaust tailpipe design with the twin round tips, which is a departure from the previous 2018 E43’s trapezoid shaped-tips.

53 variant will not be available in the form of Station Wagon in U.S, while wagon will be available in the European market. Here are the starting MSRP prices of all E53 models:

2019 E53 AMG Sedan starts from: $72,550

2019 E53 AMG Coupe starts from: $73,700

2019 E53 AMG Cabriolet starts from: $80,350

As previously, the new E53 has a choice to go with the standard headlights, which are LED already, or get an optional full LED intelligent headlight system. Besides the different look, intelligent headlights can optimally adjust and level themselves.

As was expected, following most other Benz latest models, the new E53 will acquire the new generation steering wheel with the touch buttons that the previous E43 was lacking of. And it comes in 3 different styles to choose from: Leather, Dinamica and Piano Wood Trim. Personally I really like Dinamica as it feels great in your hands and gives you the best grip. But Piano trim is probably the best choice for the long run wear.

Another very exciting news: E-Class is coming back with the inline 6 cylinder engine (straight 6) after 20 and some years in Northern America! Don’t mistake this engine with V6. I really like the I6 layout, which makes it very available and easier to service/ maintain in the future, therefore – reliable.

3.0 liter I6 with the new Mercedes EQ boost technology outputs very healthy 429 Horsepower and 384 lb per ft of Torque, while EQ boost by itself produces 21 HP. This power propels E53 to go from 0 to 60 mph in just blazing 4.4 seconds, which is outstanding if you consider the size, weight and the fuel efficiency.

The Driver Assist package has been improved with an additional feature: new Route-Based Speed Adaptation. There is a long explanation on how it works, but to make story short: this car can automatically reduce the speed by itself, based on the information provided by Comand’s traffic map information, and also based on the information of the upcoming bends and curves of the road ahead. It’s just another step toward an artificial intelligence.

The new E53 AMG has newly available Rear Seat Package which includes: Rear Side airbags and airbags integrated inside the rear seat-belts. If you haul people in the rear seat often – that would provide an additional to the already sufficient level of safety!

The available AMG Exhaust system’s sound roar can be controlled with the flip of a button, or it can be maintained automatically depending on your drive mode selected.

What’s your opinion: Do you like the new E53’s exhaust tailpipe with round tips? Or you prefer the previous E43’s trapezoid tips? Please let me know in the Comments section below!

As you can see in the video there is a plethora of the interior and AMG wheels choices. Interested in other 2019 E-Class models? Check out our 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class models: Review of Changes!

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This video used some Daimler AG footage for an editorial purpose.

6 Replies to “2019 Mercedes E 53 AMG Review of Changes: What’s New and Updates!”

  1. I have an E53 AMG and after only three months and 2000 miles the black finish inside the round tips is flaking off. I like to keep my car clean and tidy, but this just looks shabby. I’ll need to take it back to the dealer to see what they say…

  2. I’m eager to know when the inline 6 will be in the US E Class wagon. I’m hoping for 2020 since we know it’s not in 2019.
    I delayed my wagon purchase to get the new engine.

    1. I think MB wants to distinguish hand-assembled 63’s from the regular AMG production. But personally I can’t decide which I like more.

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