2019-2020 Mercedes CLS-Class Review of HISTORICAL Changes | Every CLS Model Over Time – Exclusive!

2019 CLS-Class is completely redesigned, and it enters it’s 3rd generation. This model has totally different front, different headlights, different bumper and different everything. You can see the visual difference between 2019 and 2018 CLS models.


From the front, from the side and from the rear. You can also see the difference side by side, including morphing from 2018 to 2019.
If I had to describe the 2019 CLS-Class model in 3 words,it looks simpler, more angular and has an aggressive stance. If I described the 2018 CLS model, it’s a lot more curvy, aerodynamic and more elegant. The rear of 2019 CLS450 is a lot smaller and looks very similar to the new E-Class coupe.

Let me give you a little bit of history. First 2006 CLS500 came out in January of 2005 and immediately stirred a lot of controversy. How can a coupe have 4 doors? Because coupe only suppose to have 2 doors.
Bigger problem was the efficiency of that car. It came out with huge 5.0 liter V8 engine, but the power was just 302 HP. It was addressed by MB dealers, and Mercedes-Benz contacted their high performance arm -AMG to supercharge it.
February of 2005, the new model came out CLS55 AMG. This model was a real thing! AMG 5.5 liter inter-cooled supercharged V8, 469 horsepower, 516 lb per ft of torque, 4.5 sec from 0 to 60 mph! At that time a lot of magazines named CLS 55 AMG – 2006 Car of the Year! Zero to 60 miles per hour time of 4.5 seconds made CLS55 quicker than the Aston Martin Vanquish, Dodge Viper or any modified Audis, Jaguars or BMWs.
July 2006 – there was more of the horsepower pile-up! CLS550 replaced CLS500 and added 80 more horsepower bringing to the total of 382 HP. Also CLS63 replaced CLS55 added 38 more horsepower. Newer 6.3 Liter V8 produced 507 HP now. This model was so successful, for the next 5 years it ran without any major changes.
Finally in 2011, the 2nd generation of CLS came out and it was 2012 model year. This car was equipped with the smaller engine displacement, which actually produced 20 more horsepower! 4.6 liter bi-turbo V8 now output 402 hp. This model had very beautiful design and had a lot of new technology, like for example multi-beam LED lights. As far as CLS63 AMG, somehow, AMG guys managed to squeeze an extra 11 hp.
But the biggest difference came out in August 2013, when 2014 CLS63s AMG was born – S-model. While the regular 2014 CLS63 boosted AMG 550 Horsepower, 32 hp increase, this model didn’t last very long and was discontinued a few month later. Because of an introduction of CLS63 S-model. This monster produced crazy 577 horsepower!

At one point people start thinking: How much power is too much? Do you really need almost 600 Hp for your everyday drive? Then in 2015 the new fuel-efficient CLS400 was introduced. This car had downgraded but decent power. But it wasn’t very popular and was completely discontinued a few years later. The era of the second generation of CLS is coming to a close!
Let’s take a look at the whole controversy surrounding CLS coupe. But first let’s look up the definition of the word “Coupe”. A car with fixed roof and 2 doors. This word actually dates back to the early 17 century describing 2 sitter carriage.

Is CLS designed as a coupe or sedan? We will compare:
1. Seating space and position;
2. Rear Seat comfort vs. Performance;
3. Wind and water management;
4. Frame-less window design;
After the comparison you can see: it is definitely a coupe!

The new interior of 2019 CLS is so beautiful, I’m not even going to ask you if you like it or not, comparing to previous model.
By the way, the new 2019 CLS450 will have 5 seats available for the first time ever. Used to be only 4.

Another very exciting news is an introduction of inline 6, straight 6 engine replacing the V6 shaped engine after 20 some years. It can produce the power of V8, but with the better efficiency. This engine will have 362 hp + 21 hp: total of 383 hp. 369 + 184 lb/ft. The total torque at maximum possibility of 553 lb/ft.
Let’s take a look at the differences between V6 and I6 engines. Which one is better:
Engineers are split 50/50 on which is better.
Personally I love I6 because it is simple and very easy to get accesses to spark plugs and everywhere else. Easy to work on means it will last a long time.

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