20 TIPS on buying a USED Mercedes | Part 1 – Inspect it yourself 🔎 Tips & Tricks!

Are you thinking of buying a used Mercedes? Then, you can easily inspect it yourself. You don’t need anyone! And I will show you how to DIY. But you’re probably asking yourself, “why in the world do I have this china plate in my hands? Well… let me explain!”

WATCH VIDEO IN 4k hi-res!

If you’d like to jump directly to the points of interest, you can click directly on the timestamps below:

  • 00:00 Inspecting used Mercedes-Benz;
  • 00:39 Tip #1 – Checking the original paint on the used Mercedes vehicle;
  • 02:36 Tip #2 – Checking the bolts on a used car;
  • 04:06 Tip #3 – Inspecting gaps between the body panels;
  • 05:26 Tip #4 – Checking the Mercedes original windshield;
  • 06:20 Tip #5 – Inspecting used car headlights;
  • 07:07 Tip #6 – Check the original Mercedes wheels;
  • 08:59 Question of Today.

🔴 Watch 3 Hidden Facts of Mercedes WHEELS and BRAKES!

🔴 Watch Part 2, “20 TIPS on buying a USED Mercedes” video here.

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