20 TIPS on buying a USED Mercedes | Part 1 – Inspect it yourself 🔎 Tips & Tricks!

Are you thinking of buying a used Mercedes? Then, you can easily inspect it yourself. You don’t need anyone! And I will show you how to DIY. But you’re probably asking yourself, “why in the world do I have this china plate in my hands? Well… let me explain!”

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If you’d like to jump directly to the points of interest, you can click directly on the timestamps below:

  • 00:00 Inspecting used Mercedes-Benz;
  • 00:39 Tip #1 – Checking the original paint on the used Mercedes vehicle;
  • 02:36 Tip #2 – Checking the bolts on a used car;
  • 04:06 Tip #3 – Inspecting gaps between the body panels;
  • 05:26 Tip #4 – Checking the Mercedes original windshield;
  • 06:20 Tip #5 – Inspecting used car headlights;
  • 07:07 Tip #6 – Check the original Mercedes wheels;
  • 08:59 Question of Today.

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3 Replies to “20 TIPS on buying a USED Mercedes | Part 1 – Inspect it yourself 🔎 Tips & Tricks!”

  1. How do I remove the b3 or 7 whatever service warning from the gauge cluster? How do I remove the object that makes a gong sound everytime I open the driver door. It’s very annoying. Thanks much.

    1. When you perform the service, the mechanic needs to clear that message. But you can remove it yourself, as well as a door chime sound, using a special gadget that I plan to demo in one of my upcoming videos very shortly, so stay tuned!

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